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Vath Firehall is currently employed as a guard in Whiterun. He can be a bit of a sarcastic loudmouth sometimes, not taking his work to seriously. He causes Commander Caius endless grief, losing his job three to four times a week. The Commander always ends up hireing him back, due to a debt that he owes the Firehall family from long ago. Although one day Caius still swears he will rid Whiterun of the troublemaker once and for all. It's not that Vath doesn't want to do his job, there are just so many more interesting and fun things to do besides patrol all day. In the end it might take him a while but, at least he always finishes his job, much to the Commanders relief. Vath is really not to sure what to make of all this Dragonborn business, but to him it sounds like allot of trouble.


Nord - Two Handed Steel Hammer wielding warrior.
Currently he is at level 8 with the potential to reach 100 and he auto-levels up with the player.
Vath is a member of the Guards in Whiterun and you can find him paroling the city streets each day, though he sometimes sneaks off to the Drunken Huntsman for a drink in the early afternoon. After he finishes his patrol, he ends his night with a visit to the Bannered Mare before going back to the Guard Barracks to sleep. He has several perks in Two Handed, Stealth, as well as the Light Foot Perk for those pesky traps. Vath is also potential marriage candidate.

-Introductory Quest- To receive Vath as a companion, talk to him and complete his introductory quest. This quest is not voiced for now, but I soon hope to change that. During the quest the subtitles have been turned on so you won't miss what Vath is saying. (I recommend your character be at least level 10 or so)

-Leader Ability- Vath has a nose for adventure, so if you are bored running around Skyrim take advantage of his new leader abilities, and let him lead you to an exciting place.

-Lesser Power- That lets you summon Vath to your side, wherever you might be!

-Romance- If your character has yet to complete the marriage quest, don't be surprised if Vath sees this as an opportunity to seize the moment.

The Firehall Legacy(Version 1.2.0)
Meet, quest and adventure with the Firehall Family-
Vath's brother Thomijin - Father Galain- Mother Brenya

"The Queen's Gambit" QUEST
Explore Vath's Past visit Vath's family in Solitude and explore his past to uncover the real reason behind why he was stationed in Whiterun. Help the Firehall family to clear their sons name! *(spoilers-see FAQ's for added content)

"Secrets and the Grave" QUEST
Everyone has their secrets, no matter how deep you try to bury them the past always seems to come back to haunt you. Join Vath, and his mother Brenya in a quest to lay an old score to rest permanently. (Please note that this quest is rather difficult, level 25+ advised. It was also designed to be puzzling and disorienting. If you think something is glitched, chances are you missed something. Think carefully, explore everything and watch your step!)

"Duty Calls!" EVENT and "Shadows of The Old War"
Here we have a feature, added in 1.1e and expanded/completed in 1.2.0; a side event that ties into Skyrim's Civil War and the choices you have or will make. Depending on which side you pick, you will get recurring siege battles at random fort locations Lead by Vath's Father, Galain if you choose Imperials and his old adversary, Tethran Frostheart if you chose Stormcloaks. This event also extends to a story arc as the quest Shadows of The Old War, delving more into the history of Galain firehall and Thomijin's mother Eshana. This quest will have a dramatic conclusion depending on which side you choose so be sure to check out each choice in different games. It should be noted that the events in this portion run largely on timers, so if it appears nothing is happening. Just go about your business, you will be notified when the events occur. If you enjoy this particular element, I have also done a standalone mod for it, where the idea may be expanded upon further: CWRS (Civil War Recurring Sieges)

Even if you dislike the Whiterun Guards, Vath is still a GREAT Warrior Follower to pick up and adventure with!!! *(Vath is more of a Companion/Follower than true acting guard right at the moment, he won't notice player crimes but, he won't help commit them either.)*

Vath Firehall is a Semi-Stand Alone Follower- meaning he is complete as you see here (hair/eyes/armor are included) and he needs no required mods *SAVE FOR YOUR SKYRIM GAMES CURRENT UPDATE* Vath will use your own body and facial textures that you currently have installed.
*(I was planning on doing a complete stand alone character but, I thought people might enjoy using their own meshes/textures choices better. If the need arises I will do a seperate standalone file, if people tell me what body and facial mods they prefer.)*

I love screenshots!!! If you decide to invite Vath into your game please comeback and show me!! Give me all the screenshots you can!!! I will love them all!!!

These mod authors either gave me permission to use their mods or mods that were free to use with given credit or gave help - during the creation of Vath Firehall.
Vath Firehall performed by Toni Sattler (Lyrahel)
Visit Toni Sattler's Voice Actor Channel on YouTube
Quests and features done by Edoserax
Resources for modders by Runspect
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Male Only by Radioragae
ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
The Eyes Of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
TairenSoul Tattoo Warpaint for Men by TairenSoul
Beautiful Freaks Warpaint by MM
Bandanas of Skyrim by volvaga0
Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches by Dragten
Better Males by Chris57 and FavoredSoul-Geonox Faces

Suggested Mods
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Male Only by Radioragae
Bandanas of Skyrim by volvaga0
Cloaks of Skyrim by Noodles
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches by Dragten
Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul by Rops1981
Vaendral - Imperial Male Follower by highonsunday
The Companions by Netherwalk by netherwalk
Julien Christophe - Priest of Mara by greyblood
Better males -by Chris57 and FavoredSoul/Geonox
Beards by Hvergelmir

INSTALL- Download with NMM and install or manually place Vath.esp, .bsa in your Skyim/Data folder
UNINSTALL-Deactivate with NMM or delete all included Vath files from your Data folder.


Q-I have a problem concerning Vath's Quests or Scripting?
A-All of Vath's Quests and Extras were created by Edoserax, please direct all your technical questions to him.

Q-Help! I have had Vath as a follower previously in my game, and after update 1.1 and I get the message "Looks like you already got someone with you", What do I do?
A-Open the console by pressing~ then type in SetPlayerFollowerCount to 0
Doing this should reset things, then go ahead and talk to Vath to begin his introductory quest.

Q-Help!I can't find Vath? Where is he at in Whiterun??
A-Vath starts his patrol at 7am and walks around the city, he sneaks off for a drink at the Drunken Huntsman around 1pm. At 3pm he finishes his patrols and after he gets off work after 7pm ish he goes to the Bannered Mare to relax. At 11pm he returns to the guard barracks at the enterance of the Whiterun gate to go to sleep.

Q-In update 1.1 how do I get Vath to follow me/become a follower?!?
A-Talk to Vath, let him lead you on his quest. Once completed he will follow you.

Q-Why doesn't Vath have a voice sometimes when I speak to him?!?
A-As stated in the description Vath is not yet voiced completely, but I hope he soon will be. Subtitles have been turned on so you can read what Vath is saying.

Q-How do I use Vath's leader ability?!?
A-After you have completed his intro quest, he will give you the option in his dialog "you take the lead, take us somewhere exciting". He should head off and lead you into some adventure/mischief. Be advised though, that this feature executes largely at random. There are places he will want to go that he will simply be unable to access. If he hits such a snag, just ask him to stop and get him to start again if you wish. This feature really isn't so much about the destination but what one experiences in getting to it Just another fun way of opening up the sandbox.

Q-How do I use the power to summon Vath to my side?
A-It shows up as a lesser power in the spells menu and is used like a lesser power, no cooldown or anything. It's called "Vath! Come Here!!" There is -no- message on the top of the screen indicating that it has been added to your spell list. It just shows up there after the dialogue. An area change is required for the dialogue that adds it to show up, if it has been added to a game where Vath has already been recruited.

Q-Vath just purposed marriage to me!! What do I do!?!
A-Talk to Maramal about how weddings work in Skyrim. If you don't like Vath in that special way, don't do anything, I think he will understand. If you do like Vath, just finalize everything with Maramal and your all set.

Q-What does the mod add besides the the quests and features?
A-(*spoiler alert)- The mod adds Vath's brother Thomijin, his father Galain, his mother Brenya and their family home in Solitude. Their family home is located to the right if you are facing the main entrance of the blue palace, just for future reference, in case you are using another mod that uses that space.

Q-I have a problem with this mod?!?
A-Please send me a PM and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

This is only my second mod I have uploaded here on the Nexus so please be nice:)
Any Racist, Bigoted, or Flaming remarks will be reported, so don't leave them please.

If you enjoy Vath Firehall- Please check out my other follower mods

Thanks For The...
Special thanks to Clyde, Fierydove and XCyanideSoupx for all the elaborate testing and feedback.
Thanks to AlexanderJVelicky For advice on BSA extraction
Thanks to LogRaam For use of The Eyes of Beauty.
Thanks to TairenSoul for use of the warpaint.
Thanks to Radioragae for use of Oblivion Hair.
Thanks to Apachii for use of Apachii Hair.
Thanks to volvaga0 for Vath's awesome bandana.
Thanks to Nikinoodles for the use of a great cloak.
Thanks to Dragten for the use of Vath's bandolier.
Thank you to highonsunday for testing and for advice.
Thank you to greyblood for testing and all the advice.
Thank you to netherwalk for answering questions when I was so confused.

Follow Vath's further adventures in my IMAGE GALLERY!!