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  1. Rops1981
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    !!! Please read the description, the FAQ & the comments before asking a question in this thread !!!

    Follow this link for a comprehensive guide on how to install mods. Modding Beginner's Guide

    Remember to be nice.
  2. Altamosnar
    • member
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    This mod is amazing awesome great... But I see a little mistake in all that.
    In our real world not all folks is beautiful. XD
    Your mod should be called movie stars of Skyrim. (Which is fully OK, no critiques really)
    But.. Where are the ugly guys? I'm sure they'd be interesting too!
  3. onepkvn1
    • member
    • 39 posts
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    Can you make a male only version, this conflicts with my female mod.
  4. BADart
    • member
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    I'm very new to Skyrim so pardon me if you mentioned this somewhere but does this mod alter the protagonist and/or spouses? Thanks in advance!!
    1. TiltedJordan
      • member
      • 26 posts
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      This will not change YOUR character, but other characters in the world, also known as "NPC's" I am certain that it will change your spouses looks though, considering they are NPC's themselves.
  5. VividlyFatal
    • member
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    In the stronghold pictures, where did you get that male skin/body mesh/abs?
  6. DJvGalen
    • member
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    Long time fan of this mod, I can highly recommend it.

    I have some issues with this, which I changed myself in Tes5edit and saved to a new file but maybe someone knows why this happens...

    With Greta and Aia Arria I found them wondering the world naked, when I used console command showinventory I get tons of bad ID messages so I went into T5E and changed their FarmClothesOutfit03withHat [OTFT:0009CCA2], which seems to also exist in skyrim.esm and USLEP.esp, into FarmClothesOutfit03 [OTFT:0002D75D] which I got from another NPC overhaul mod called SOGS.

    That atleast has them wearing clothes but it's odd since it's basically an ID from the original skyrim files and update but unless I change them, same goes for Zaria and maybe others I haven't encountered yet, they are just walking around naked.

    I shouldn't have to do that though, right? Is it because I installed rustic clothing textures or something? I really don't understand this because the same ID's and clothes references are used in the original skyrim files?!

    It's only this mod, I use a couple more which I'll list just incase it matters which it doesnt because they load after this mod...

    NPC_Overhaul_V_1_.esp (this mod)
    Bijin Warmaidens.esp
    Bijins Wives.esp
    Bijins NPCs.esp
    The Ordinary Women.esp
    Males of Skyrim.esp
    3DNPC TKAA patch.esp
    Hott Interesting NPCs.esp
    Inconsequential NPCs - Enhancement.esp (shouldn't matter, just adds new npc's)
    Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul.esp (again shouldn't matter, I think, these npc's were nude before I moved this below them)
    NPCoverhaulfixnudes.esp (my file which changes their clothes so they actually wear clothes!!!)

    If anyone has a clue why the original skyrim.esm references don't work, then please share, might help some other people who have naked NPC's walking around.
  7. Pukitaki
    • supporter
    • 46 posts
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    Vortex isn't letting me install this because it keeps telling me it's missing Masters and wants the separate Female and Male Apachii hair files.

  8. riskirills
    • member
    • 19 posts
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    I had an issue that the head texture doesn't match with the body texture, can anyone help?
    i try textblend from caliente's but it gives me white texture result.
  9. punkbuzter
    • member
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    Jesus christ, so much hair.... Think I have like 3000 hairs to pick from, not to mention all the space these hairs requires.
  10. greviuser
    • member
    • 15 posts
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    is this compatible with Fine Face Textures for Men by urshi ?
  11. TheDalbak18
    • member
    • 35 posts
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    Thank you a lot for version with vanilla hairs!!