Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One by MannyGT
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Added: 17/06/2012 - 09:32AM
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Last updated at 14:18, 1 Sep 2013 Uploaded at 9:32, 17 Jun 2012

This mod is provided in two different versions, depeding on what you've installed,

v1.31 is the version without any mod dependancy and without customization

v2.5 MCM Edition is the version with SKSE and SkyUI dependance and it have MCM

at least Skyrim v1.8.x - SKSE v1.6.9 - SkyUI 3.1


This mod add lanterns to main roads, villages, towns and settlements. To avoid immersion breaking I haven't placed tons of lanterns like "Christmas holidays lighting" in villages or like "Highways lighting" for main roads; way far from it.
For instance, lanterns in main roads are placed far from each other in wild areas and some main roads are intentionally not covered.
Please take note that some settlements have already lanterns from Vanilla setup. To prevent CTD and glitches, these vanilla lanterns are left completely untouched from me!
The light sources of the lanterns are lit from 7pm to 7am.

This mod (BOTH VERSIONS) is based on two files: The main file ESM and a preset file ESP.
You can find the Main ESM (standard or MCM Edition) and ESP presets in the download area.
Download the ESM (standard or MCM Edition) and donwload at least one preset then activate both files.
Without any preset installed, the mod will run in default color light.

Please take note: Lights will turn off (or on), the first time, within in 5 seconds.
Same thing when you have fast-traveled or waited ingame.


Now with Menu Mod Configuration tool to customize as you want:
  • Hour to turn ON the lanterns (Default at 7pm)
  • Hour to turn OFF the lanterns (Default at 7am)
  • Timer for checking the lanterns
  • Always ON toggle (lighting lasts forever or until you toggle it otherwise)
  • Debug mode toggle (modder resource)
  • Enable lanterns in villages toggle (and towns, settlements and exterior cells of main cities)
  • Enable lanterns along roads toggle
  • Installed mod-patches listing chart


Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Polish and Russian


- If you don't have SKSE and/or SkyUI use the v1.31.
- If you have issues with the MCM version, use the v1.31.


Place the ESM and one of the ESP presets (do not forget this one!) in data folder then enable them.


This mod is safe to be instantly uninstalled. Just do a clean savegame procedure.


Fully compatible with RCRN, CoT and RLO. Not compatible or partially compatible with that does the same stuff like Claralux.

* MCM Edition and existing patch mods *

There are some mods made for Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One like the "Dawnguard Patch" by selyb. All the patches are compatible with MCM Edition but you cannot customize them. You may ask to the author of their patches for updates.

* Complementary mods *

- Lantern Caretakers
- Dawnguard DLC patch - adds lanterns in Dayspring Canyon
- Climates of Tamriel v3.x presets
- Compatibilties patches
- Rounded lanterns
- Make your own patch
- Towns and Villages Enhanced patch
- Expanded Towns and Cities patch
- Pure Weather This mod contains a preset for LoS too.
- Settlements Expanded


  • To theaguilaquevuela for Spanish translation
  • To Parod for German translation
  • To josume for French translation
  • To xjogass for Russian translation
  • To aragothestel for Polish translation


  • SKSE Team
  • SkyUI Team


Please report to me if you find bugs.