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  • Again... A BIG THANK YOU!


    My mod Lanterns of Skyrim just reached the
    5000 endorsements!

    Over 260K unique downloads
    Over 504K total downloads
    Viewed by over 563K users!

    Again thank you very much guys!

    MannyGT's Skyrim Mods Facebook Page

  • Complementary mods

    List of complementary and useful mods for my "Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One"

    - Lantern Caretakers
    - Dawnguard DLC patch
    - Compatibilties patches
    - Rounded lanterns
    - Make your own patch
    - Towns and Villages Enhanced patch


  • Lantern Caretakers add-on

    Hello guys!
    If you liked my mod, you'll like this add-on too:

    Try it!...

  • A big thank you!


    My mod Lanterns of Skyrim just reached the
    2000 endorsements!

    Over 93k unique downloads
    Over 152k total downloads
    Viewed by over 284k users!

    Thank you very much guys!

    MannyGT's Skyrim Mods Facebook Page

  • Version for Dawnguard DLC is out

    Hello guys!
    At last I solved, with the user selyb, the issue about red lights for who have Dawnguard DLC installed.
    There is a new Main ESM file now just for Dawnguard. Use this one instead of the other main ESM if you have that DLC.

    If you want lanterns in the Dawnguard DLC worldspace too, download and install this patch too:

    A special "Thank You" to selyb!...

  • Announcing Christmas Lanterns mod!

    Hello guys :)
    I've made a standalone mod:

    Christmas Lanterns

    Try it!...

  • Climates of Tamriel v2.1 presets available!

    Presets for Climates of Tamriel 2.1 available!


  • Lanterns Patch for Dawnguard is now available thanks to selyb!

    Hello guys!
    Selyb have released the patch for Dawnguard for my Lanterns of Skyrim All In One.

    Download it here and enjoy!...

  • Lanterns of Skyrim All In One for RCRN 3.5 Presets AVAILABLE

    The title says it all.....

    ENJOY and Join my Facebook page

  • New lanterns for you :)

    Hey guys!

    ^_^ Since we are all waiting for the new RCRN 3.5 release, I've added new lanterns around Skyrim:

    Added lanterns to the watchtowers of Whiterun
    Added lanterns around the walls of Riften and docks
    Added lanterns to the bridge of Windhelm and docks
    Added lanterns to the main gate, secondary gate and the watchtower of Solitude

    In these days I'll update all the presets of RCRN, so stay tuned!


  • A tutorial for you modders

    Hello there.
    I've decided to write a tutorial for adding Lanterns of Skyrim patches for your own mods like player home.

    So check this!

    In the Download section there is a tutorial based on a little player home near Riverwood.



  • A new custom preset for the Goddess ENB made by NWelf!

    Hello guys!

    I'm so excited about a "chick" named NWelf, who made a custom preset of my mod.

    He made an alternative version of the preset for Goddess ENB.

    Try it and endorse her work!...

  • I need your opinion! Please read and rate!

    Hello guys :)
    You know, I'm constantly releasing new presets for ENB and other things like RCN and Climates Of Tamriel.

    My question is: Should be better if I remove all the optional files (the presets) and so make one archive only that contains all the presets?

    The advantage will be 1 download only to try all presets!
    The disadvantage will be to have on the hard disk some useless ESP presets.

    Please give me your opinion.


    PS: Sorry for my bad English! :P...

  • Preset for The Goddess ENB is out!

    Hello there :)
    A new preset for you:

    The Goddess ENB preset

    Enjoy :)...

  • Download my other mod: Rounded Lanterns

    Hello there :)
    I've made a new model for the lantern with candle:

    I strongly recommend to download and use it with my "All in One" mod.

    Check it here!


  • Cold Skyrim ENB preset

    Hello there :)
    I've made a new ENB configuration: the Cold Skyrim ENB preset!


  • Preset for Climates of Tamriel

    Hello to all!
    I've made the preset for Climates of Tamriel:

    The preset rar contains all three levels of night setting, just choose one.


  • Vivida ENB preset!

    here another preset!
    This is for my new ENB config: Vivida ENB

    Check in the dowload section (optional files)...

  • New preset: Magic Light

    Hello to all,
    I've uploaded another preset: Magic Light!
    Just for fun :) It adds the Candlelight effect to every lanterns I've added.

    Here a know "issue": The Candlelight still burn in daytime but not the light source!


  • How to make a custom preset for Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One

    Hi to all my friends!
    Well... We have a new feature: Article! Good job Nexus Devs and let's start!


    This article is for who have a bit experience with Creation Kit

    * OVERVIEW *

    As you know, my mod is based on two files: ESM and ESP preset. The ESM contains the light source and the lanterns placed around Skyrim. The ESP preset modify the parameters of the light source in ESM file. I'll explain you how to make your own ESP preset!


    1. Open Creation Kit
    2. Select the "Open" icon
    3. Tick the "Lanterns of Skyrim - All In One - MAIN.esm" and click Ok and wait for some secs.
    4. Now that...