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Dawnguard compatiblity patch for Lanterns of Skyrim - All in One v1.3

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This mod adds Dawnguard compatibility to Lanterns of Skyrim - All in One v1.3 by mannygt.


1) Install Lanterns of Skyrim - All in One - Main.esm
2) Install a preset for LoS (Unless you want to keep the default red lights)
3) Install this patch.

Besides adding new lights to the Dawnguard areas, this also fixes some compatiblity issues between Lanterns of Skyrim - AIO and Dawnguard. So far I have only added lights to the path to Fort Dawnguard. If you have suggestions, comments, or complaints, please make a comment so I can fix or improve. I want to keep to the same concept as manny's original idea meaning that I don't want to have too many lights. I would have put more space between them already but the design of the paths just wouldn't allow it.

mannygt created Lanterns of Skyrim. I only copied his lantern to the Dawnguard worldspace(s).

Version History:
Cleaned up some dirty edits and fixed an incompatibility that I missed the first time.