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Some patches for some weapons to use Animated Armoury animations in an Auto-Detecting FOMOD.

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After messing around in TES5Edit, I found out how to change the animations for some weapons. After doing some testing it seems that the animations are working without issue. I hope you all will enjoy these as much as I do.

Weapons Included:

Thri-Kreen Warriors - Mihail Monsters and Animals (mihail oldrim mod):
Viking Weapons and Armor:
Blade of Intrigue
Velothi Warscythe:
Morgynn Ashcroft Sword Remade:
Falmer Abyssraider Falmer Halberd:
Draugr Cavalry Glaive:
Unique Magicka Sabers:
  • Made the Double Sabers use QuarterStaff animations
  • Made the Pikes use Spear and Halberd animations
  • Made Tonfa use Claw animations
  • Decreased damage to be around Glass - Ebony range
  • Reworked leveled list so that weapons aren't so common and work well with Animated Armoury level list additions
  • Spawns start at level 25
Swordsman's Assortment
  • Blade of Intrigue has Rapier animations
High Fantasy Pack