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Patch to make the lootable Spears and Halberds from Mihail's Centaurs Mod to use SSM and NAR Animations respectively. Bashed Patch recommended.

Permissions and credits
SE Version ported by SpartanSith118!

A simple patch to complement Mihail's Centaurs Mod.

In his mod, Centaurs drop four usable weapons, all which can be classified as spears and halberds. These, however, use vanilla sword animations - VERY UNIMMERSIVE.

This patch aims to fix that by enabling them to use animations from both Animated Armoury and Skyrim Spear Mechanic.

- All included weapons now use animations appropriate for their weapon type
- Halberds have been changed from One-Handed Swords to Two-Handed BattleAxes, so as to make use of NAR's animations
- Edited Halberd Stats to almost match NAR's Steel Halberd
- Edited the .nif of both Halberds so the game recognizes it as a Two-Handed Weapon
- The Iron Guisarme and Forsworn Spears use SSM's Spear Animations. Both remain as One-Handed weapons

- Mihail's Centaurs
- Animated Armoury
- Skyrim Spear Mechanic

- Download and install using any mod manager. Overwrite files as needed.
- Either activate the plugin or merge with a Bashed Patch (recommended).

- Simply remove from your mod manager. Rebuild your Bashed Patch.

---Other Notes

This patch was made within my free time. I'll make more enhancements to Mihail's wonderful mods should time permits, or should I need them.


MihailMods - for creating the spectacular Centaur Mod and its contents, as well as giving me permission to release this patch.
Ashingda - for his fantastic Skyrim Spear Mechanic mods and its contents.
NickaNak - for his awesome Animated Armoury Mod and its contents.