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This is an updated version of the eldrich arcana mod.
made by Elmindra now being updated by joostjasper

Permissions and credits
This is Elmindra's eldrich arcana mod upgraded for 2.0.6
From RedJordan's Github's edited version.

1. Install Unity Mod Manager
2. Find your Pathfinder: Kingmaker game directory (if using Steam, this will typically be at:
   C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pathfinder Kingmaker\)
3. Unzip into the game's Mods directory.

- Player Characters get 2 trait selections (see "Traits" section below).
- Favored Class Bonus
  - If a favored class is chosen, the character can choose +1 HP or Skill rank for each level gained in that class.
  - Sorcerer Favored Class bonus for Human (and partially human races: Half-elf, Half-orc, Aasimar, Tiefling).
  - Bard Favored Class bonus for Human (and partially human races).
  - Oracle Favored Class bonus for Human (and partially human races).
- Spontaneous casters can replace spells at appropriate levels (e.g. for the sorcerer, at 4th level and every 2 levels after that)
- Optional deity selection at character creation.
- Area of effect spells can be dismissed:
  - Dismissable (D) spells can be dismissed at any time (e.g. Web).
  - Other spells can be dismissed out of combat (e.g. Stone Call).

- Oracle class, with the following archetypes, mysteries & curses:
  - Seeker archetype
  - Ancient Lorekeeper (Elf) archetype
    - Time mystery for use with Lorekeeper
  - Battle mystery
  - Dragon mystery
  - Flame mystery
  - Life mystery
  - Curses:
    - Blackened
    - Clouded Vision
    - Covetous
    - Deaf
    - Haunted
    - Lame
    - Tongues
    - Wasting

- Crossblooded Sorcerer

- Orc Bloodline

- Detect Secret Doors
  - finds doors to secret areas like the Prologue statue puzzle, but you still need to
    complete the puzzle to enter
- Knock
- Weapon of Awe
- Hypnotic Pattern
- Greater Magic Weapon
- Wall of Fire
- Delayed Blast Fireball
  - can be cast instantly, or delayed up to 5 rounds--pairs well with Time Stop
- Incendiary Cloud
- Meteor Swarm
- Miracle
- Limited Wish, Wish
  - offers the choice of spells as described (in the abilities menu)
  - can use Wish to grant a permanent inherent ability score increases
- Time Stop
  - freezes other units and area effects for 1d4+1 rounds
- Spells that grant flight, similar to the game's wings abilities:
  - Fly, Overland Flight (grants choice of wings)
  - Air Walk and Air Walk, Communal (no visuals)
- Spell lists updated to match PnP:
  - Arcane Bloodline gets Wish
  - Draconic Bloodline gets Fly, Wish
  - Fire domain gets Wall of Fire, Incendiary Cloud
  - Travel Domain gets Fly
-True resurrection
-emergency Sphere

- Eldritch Heritage, Improved Eldritch Heritage, Greater Eldritch Heritage
- Favored Prestige Class
- Prestigious Spellcaster
- Spell Perfection
- Mage's Tattoo
- Dervish Dance
- Additional Traits
- Extra Revelations
- Abundant Revelations
- Fey Foundling
- Opposition Research (Wizard Arcane Discovery)
- Extra Arcana

Magus Arcanas:
- Familiar
- Empowered Magic
- Maximized Magic
- Quickened Magic
- Spell Blending

Metamagic Feats:
- Intensified Spell
- Persistent Spell
- Selective Spell
- Dazing Spell
- Rime Spell
- Toppling Spell
- Elemental Spell (Fire/Cold/Electricity/Acid)

- Metamagic Rods for new metamagics,
  placed in appropriate vendors/loot tables (e.g. if a vendor or drop has a metamgic rod, it adds
  all the new ones of similar power level, to keep the pacing similar to the base game.)
- Scrolls for new spells, placed near similar
  level scrolls in vendor tables.
Bug fixes:
- Wings (and fly, air walk) now to grant immunity to ground spells, such as:
  Grease, Obsidian Flow, and Tar Pool. They also grant immunity to Trip (as in PnP).
- Elemental Body polymorph forms
  now allow spellcasting, as in PnP (when in humanoid form).
- Fiery Body now grants the bonuses
  that come with flight (via red wings).
- Fixed Spell Specialization
  so you can choose spells that you know, but that weren't from your class spell list
  (for example, spells granted by Sorcerer Bloodlines and Oracle Mysteries).
- Fixed Eldritch Knight
  prerequisite to require a class that grants proficiency in all martial weapons, as in PnP.
  Does not effect characters that already have a level in Eldritch Knight, and can be disabled
  in settings.
  (Helps balance Eldritch Knights with all of goodies they get in this mod, and picking
  a martial class makes it more fun.)
Other features:
- (off by default) Show custom portraits in the main portrait display. Requires restart
  to take effect.
  (This is similar to the Better Portraits mod bundled with Kingmaker Mod Loader, but
  uses a simpler/less resource intense approach--it only preloads the small sprites.
  Added because I had problems loading KML but missed the excellent portrait feature.)

Many traits are implemented, chosen base on usefulness (e.g. popular traits in PnP)
and feasibility of implementing in game. Player characters get to choose 2 traits
at character creation, but they must be from different trait categories. The feat
"Additional Traits" can unlock 2 more, but they must also be from trait categories
that have not been taken yet.

Some drawbacks are implemented, chosen base on usefulness (e.g. popular traits in PnP)
and feasibility of implementing in game. Player characters get to choose 2 traits
at character creation but they can take a third if they pick a drawback.
the same for additional traits.
but they must also be from drawback categories that have not been taken yet.

Emotional Drawbacks:
- Anxious-You take a (–2 penalty on Persuasion checks)

Traumas and physical Drawbacks:
- Warded Against Nature (you have -2 ac vs claw and bite attacks and for each pet you have you lose 2 ac)

Combat Traits:
- Anatomist (+1 to confirm critical hits)
- Armor Expert (-1 armor check penalty)
- Berserker of the Society (+3 rage)
- Blade of the Society (+1 damage on sneak attack)
- Defender of the Society (+1 AC wearing med/heavy armor)
- Deft Dodger (+1 reflex save)
- Dirty Fighter (+1 damage against the target you're flanking)
- Honored First of the Society (+1 ki pool)
- Reactionary (+2 initiative)
- Resilient (+1 fortitude save)
- Witty Repartee (+1 persuasion and it becomes a class skill)

Faith Traits:
- Birthmark (+2 save against enchantment school)
- Child of the Temple (+1 lore religion and it becomes a class skill)
- Devotee of the Green (+1 lore nature and it becomes a class skill)
- Ease of Faith (+1 persuasion and it becomes a class skill)
- Exalted of the Society (+1 channel energy uses)
- Fate's Favored (+1 to luck bonuses)
- Indomitable Faith (+1 will save)
- Scholar of the Great Beyond (+1 knowledge world and it becomes a class skill)

Magic Traits:
- Classically Schooled (+1 knowledge arcana and it becomes a class skill)
- Dangerously Curious (+1 use magic device and it becomes a class skill)
- Beast Of Society(+4 shapeshifts for the druid)
- Focused Mind (+2 concentration)
- Gifted Adept (+1 caster level to chosen spell)
- Magical Knack (+2 caster level up to character level)
- Magical Lineage (metamagic costs 1 less for a chosen spell)

Social Traits:
- Adopted (choose race trait of your adoptive parents)
- Child of the Streets (+1 thievery and it becomes a class skill)
- Fast-Talker (+1 persuasion and it becomes a class skill)
- Maestro of the Society (+3 bardic performance uses)
- Family heirloom(choose a weapon and gain it and +1 on attacks with it)
- Suspicious (+1 perception and it becomes a class skill)

Regional Traits:
- Metamagic Master (metamagic costs 1 less for chosen spell 3rd level or lower)
- River rat(start with a dagger and have +1 damage and + 1 to hit with daggers)
- Empathic Diplomat(use wisdom instead of charisma for persuasion)
- Signature Spell (+1 caster level for a chosen spell)

Campaign Traits:
- Bastard (+1 will save, -1 persuasion against nobility until you become a noble)
- Rostlander (+1 fortitude save)
- Sword Scion (+1 attack and CMB with Longsword or Dueling Sword, start with one of each)
- NobleBorn{//was a little hard to implement so it is as close as possible.
-Lebeda(+1arcana and you choose a limited-use ability from a class and you are able to use it once more)    //extra language was the original bonus
-Khavortorov(+1 damage with longsword and dueling sword)
-Garess(+5ft movement speed)//original bonus you ignore first 5 ft of difficult terrain
-Lodovka(+2 athletics and if you are a caster you know snowball)//original bonus you are better at swimming
-Medvyed(+you can use lay on hands 4 times more often and you have + 1 on will vs fey)// +2 Diplomacy and a +1 on Will saves vsfey
-Orlovsky(+1 CMC and you gain +1 to a stat of your choice)               //You gain a +1 trait bonus on your CMD
-Rogarvia(if you are a caster add fireball to your spellbook)//could not find     
-Surtova(+2 damage to flatfooted targets)            //exactly the same

Race Traits:
- Human (and Half-elf, Half-orc, Aasimar, Tiefling):
  - Carefully Hidden (+1 will save, +2 save vs divination)
  - Fanatic (+1 knowledge arcana and it becomes a class skill)
  - Historian (+1 bardic knowledge, +1 knowledge world and it becomes a class skill)
  - Shield Bearer (+1 damage on shield bash)
  - Superstitious (+1 save vs arcane spells)
  - World Traveler (choose: persuasion, perception, or knowledge world; get +1 and it becomes a class skill)
- Elf (and Half-Elf):
  - Dilettante Artist (+1 persuasion and it becomes a class skill)
  - Forlorn (+1 fortitude save)
  - Warrior of the Old (+2 initiative)
  - Youthful Mischief (+1 reflex save)
- Half-Orc:
  - Brute (+1 persuasion and it becomes a class skill)
  - Legacy of Sand (+1 will save)
- Half-Elf:
  - Elven Reflexes (+2 initiative)
  - Failed Apprentice (+1 save vs arcane spells)
- Halfling:
  - Freed Slave (+1 knowledge world and it becomes a class skill)
  - Freedom Fighter (+1 mobility and it becomes a class skill)
  - Well-Informed (+1 persuasion and it becomes a class skill)
- Dwarf:
  - Grounded (+2 mobility, +1 reflex save)
  - Militant Merchant (+1 perception and it becomes a class skill)
  - Bulky battleborn(+2 hp per hit die)
  - Ruthless (+1 to confirm critical hits)
  - Zest for Battle (+1 trait dmg if has morale attack bonus)
- Gnome:
  - Animal Friend (+1 will save and lore nature becomes a class skill, must have familar or animal companion)
  - Rapscallion (+1 initiative, +1 mobility)
- Aasimar:
  - Martyr’s Blood (+1 attack if character's hit points are below half)
  - Toxophilite (+2 to confirm critical hits with bows)
  - Wary (+1 perception/persuasion)
- Tiefling:
  - Ever Wary (retain half dex bonus AC during surpise round)
  - Prolong Magic (racial spell-like abilities get free extend spell)
  - God Scorn (Demodand heritage; +1 saves vs divine spells)
  - Shadow Stabber (+2 melee damage if opponent can't see you)

Custom Traits{cheat}(only if opted in in menu)
-Mysic prophecy(+2 int,wis,cha at level 10)
-metamagic expert(metamagic is reduced by 3 on a spell lvl 3 or lower)
-Blood havoc(+1 on all damage die for spells)

Also thanks to hollic92 his help.
Credits can be found in the full readme from Elmindras GitHub
New readme:W.I.P