• Resurrection Bruma Mages for Oblivion

    Simple mod that revives all killed mages in Bruma and restores building of the guild.
    Простой Мод, который воскрешает всех убитых магов в Бруме и восстанавливает здание гильдии.

    uploaded 12:42, 7 Jan 2017 169 11 1kb Alena0207

  • Vile Lair Redux - Deepscorn Awakened for Oblivion

    A complete revamp for the Vile Lair DLC. Deepscorn now has a backstory, a few baddies to fight, an impressive shrine to Sithis, a library featuring every single book in the vanilla game(aside from quest related), a trophy room, a Thone overlooking the shrine, and eternal slave and much, much more!

    uploaded 8:54, 6 Jan 2017 486 26 77kb GrandBulwark

  • Holy Amulets of the Divines for Oblivion

    Adds Skyrim-style necklaces for portable divine blessings

    uploaded 20:33, 5 Jan 2017 274 14 9kb Guinefort1

  • Exchange things for Oblivion

    This mod adds you spell "Exchange" that let you share things with NPS.
    Этот мод добавляет вам заклинание "Обмен", которое позволяет вам обмениваться вещами с другими NPS.

    uploaded 18:31, 5 Jan 2017 270 27 3kb Alena0207

  • Summon Merchant for Oblivion

    After buying the scroll in the "First Edition" you will get a spell of summon merchant Sergius.
    После покупки свитка в Первом Издании, вы получите заклинания призвать купца Сергиуса.

    uploaded 13:29, 5 Jan 2017 312 27 5kb Alena0207

  • Syscrusher's Welsh Cupboard for Oblivion

    This modders' resource is a simple middle-class Welsh cupboard, which I created from scratch in Blender. It is low-poly for performance and has hand-created static collisioning for efficient use as a Container or Static in the Construction Set.

    uploaded 3:36, 5 Jan 2017 42 4 28kb syscrusher

  • Dynamic Door Knocking for Oblivion

    This mod allows you to knock on almost any locked door, which will have a chance of alerting an NPC in the target cell to come and answer it. It does so in a completely dynamic way using OBSE, so should work with content added from any other mod. This works both from exterior and interior cells.

    uploaded 2:57, 5 Jan 2017 355 14 88kb arafuse

  • Timed Autosave for Oblivion


    uploaded 20:45, 4 Jan 2017 39 2 4kb akkaFUKU

  • ShowRaceMenu for Oblivion


    uploaded 20:08, 4 Jan 2017 1,191 42 3kb akkaFUKU

  • One-Touch Dodge for Oblivion

    4-way Directional Dodge Mechanic - Dodge(回避)をワンタッチでできるようにしてみた。

    uploaded 19:21, 4 Jan 2017 184 9 4kb akkaFUKU

  • NoReflection for Oblivion

    オボリビオンの日常>あ…ありのまま 今 起こった事を話すぜ!「おれは 敵をメッタ斬りにしていたと思ったら いつのまにか おれが死んでいた」

    uploaded 18:38, 4 Jan 2017 32 1 1kb akkaFUKU