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Replaces Oblivion's Steel armor with a version more akin to Morrowind's and Daggerfall's, but taking advantage of EnvMaps to make it noticeably metallic. Compatible with HGEC or Roberts or Vanilla. Includes optional replacer ported from the Witcher 2 for a less vanilla but higher fidelity replacer. ESP is mergeable into Bashed patch.

Permissions and credits
This mod is designed to accompany and complement my Iron Armor Replacer.

A Steel Armor replacer based on the steel armor designs of Morrowind and Daggerfall. Both games featured a sort of relatively rough but faithfully approximate approximation of historical 15th-century European plate armor. Oh, and Morrowind had a closed Steel helmet, which looked nice.
Screenshots taken with NAO, so the armor might look different with different lighting mods/ENB (more below).

The Core meshes of this mod use Environment maps, just like Shiny Steel Armor, or Room's Steel Remodel, or Reflective Armors, to simulate a polished metallic shine, but only on male steel armor. The female replacer contains a less shiny but more compatible armet helmet and matching gauntlets, and It is designed to work well with the female part of the optional Witcher package.
Included ESP is mergeable into a bashed patch: All it does is enable the closed Armet to replace male and female steel helmets and assigns a separate model to the female steel gauntlets (basegame shares with male).

Note for ENB users
Unfortunately, EnvMaps don't agree with some ENBs, though, then again with some ENBs they look great.
If the steel armor from 00 Core glows abhorrently it is recommended to use the Witcher Style Replacer (01, 011, 012, details below) option as it has a full set and non-shiny espless Barbuta helmet included.
If you want the Armet helmet still (it matches the Witcher option armor well too), use the esp from 00 Core, a no EnvMapped Armet is included in 011.


00 Core - Helmet and Armor Replacer
Recommended: Wrye Bash - drop AIO archive into bash installers folder, activate desired parts in bash installers tab - Merge ESP in Bash Patch.

Not very Recommended: Manual: drop meshes and textures from 00 core into oblivion\data.

00 core contains texture and mesh replacer for male steel armor, and just the armet helmet and gauntlets for female characters. New armet helmet is enabled via mergeable esp.

Witcher Style replacer (Ported from Witcher 2)
activate/install packages 010 and 011 (011 replaces male steel armor, and as a result female steel armor in base oblivion, they share meshes)
This can be used though just for female characters, with males using the shiny new vanilla-based 00 Core steel armor.
I personally use it this way, install/activate packages 00, 010, and lastly 012.
012 works without 011. 012 is designed to abide by mods that add a new seperate mesh for female steel armor, and it must be installed before Real Steel Armor ,
012 works with EVE variants expansion or Vanilla Gear Redux or Seamless HGEC or Seamless OCO to name a few, basically any mod that has its added female character steel meshes in meshes/grhys/armor/steel or meshes/armor/steel/f.


Reflective Armors by Montegris

Obilvion upscaled Textures by Kartoffels

Knightly Armory by Phitt

Seamless - Robert Male by Junacc

Witcher 2 Option from:
Реплейсер доспехов OA 0.1 (Witcher Steel plate meshes) By Park 9
Growth Armor - Zefiros
by VencGanence
Witcher 2 Swords Shields and Helmets Packs for Oblivion
by Elderscrollsfan01
Meshes and textures belong to CD Projekt Red, the developer of the Witcher 2
(http://www.thewitcher.com/), who have very generously allowed
the use of their game assets by modders provided they are given credit.