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Seamless Equipment Replacer for HGEC EVE -- Bodies, Armors, & Clothes

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NOTE: If you've come here directly, please visit the main "Seamless Equipment" page.

Wrye Bash - It's a requirement because it's the best... And I don't know how to make OBMM or NMM scripts...

BBB Enabled Skeleton - You need it for Better Bouncing Boobs, which some of these mods come with by default. Don't be "That Guy" and complain about boobs stretching to infinity; these skeletons are better in every way and useful for more things than just BBB.

HGEC is pretty much THE female body replacer for Oblivion and since it's what I play with, I've redone all the vertex normals to use with Head06 Race Revolution. Although H06RR is not a requirement and the files here can be used with anything, for best neckseam results use it with a custom race or race overhaul that comes with one of the seammended head meshes and textures. To learn more about seammended head meshes, go to:

To find more seamless equipment or learn what this seammending business is about, go to the "Seamless Equipment" main page.

Also check out "Setbody Reloaded": Thousands of high quality bodies of every shape & size with the ability to change and customize PC and NPC bodies on the fly or pre-assign them based on race or other criteria, all based on the same techniques to create these seamless heads and bodies. The tools and templates used to make these meshes seamless are also in Setbody's download section. You can make your own collection of clothes and armor seamless.

Installation Instructions
The rule of thumb is, download and install the original mods first, unless instructed otherwise. The packages downloadable from here don't contain everything -- it only contains files that were modified. For example, if there was no skin exposed at the seams [neck, wrist, waist, ankle] because they were covered by armor pieces or clothing items, it wasn't changed, thus not included in these packages. Likewise, no ESP or textures were modified, thus not included. After you've installed the original mods, overwrite them with the changes contained in the packages found here. Think of it as installing the same thing twice. Install the originals first, the seamless versions last.

STEP 1: Install Base EVE HGEC (EVE Project)
1. Install the Original EVE HGEC and updates, satisfying all its requirements.
2. Install the Original EVE HGEC Replacers for any mods you may have installed, such as OOO(v1.36+), MMM, Frans, etc. These replacers are found below the main EVE HGEC file as "OPTIONAL FILES".

3. Download the appropriate files from this mod's download section and install by overwriting the files from the above originals.

STEP 2Better Bouncing Boobs [BBB] - Optional, but I put it in the "Updates" section so it's easier to find
Installing BBB is optional. There are so many body combinations and authors for HGEC BBB that I had to concentrate on the ones that are most complete.

1. Choose and install the original BBB mods you want from the above list.
2. Download the "all-in-one" BBB package in this mod's download section.
3. The all-in-one BBB package is a BAIN Archive with subpackages appearing exactly like the list above upto and including the numbers. Install by overwriting the old files with the new ones.

Uninstallation Instructions
Delete the files or overwrite them with files from original mods.

Special Thanks to Kromgar (aka gerra6) - KGTools
movomo - Seammender Templates

Original Replacers
EVE Project - EVE HGEC

Sigurd Stormhand - OOO 1.35 fix

You may use and redistribute freely as long as credit is given and you have permission from the original authors.