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Replacer for Oblivion's Iron armor. New meshes and textures for a more functional and worn plate set inspired by Morrowind's Iron armor. Available for females and males with Roberts, HGEC and vanilla body. ESP free

Permissions and credits
A simple Iron armor replacer based on historical plate armor, armor from the Witcher 2, and the Iron armor from Morrowind. Iron Armor is the most common armor in the game, so it makes sense to have it look decent in a modded playthrough.
Makes the iron armor seem more protective and metallic than it did in vanilla, but still visably less protective and fancy compared to steel armor (similar to Skyblivion)
Its all been lovingly Juryrigged together, combining various witcher 2 textures and normal maps used in VencGanence's excellent Growth Armor - Zefiros on to a Sallet and a modified set of vanilla Iron meshes.
V1.1 : No longer overwrites any iron texture replacer you already have, meshes reference new texture paths.
Included an optional Iron shield replacer, also from the Witcher 2.

Recomendded to be used with a steel armor enhancer such as Shiny Steel Armor with Shiny Steel Normal Maps, or Room's Steel Remodel, or Reflective Armors, or one by Park9 to make the Steel seem just that bit better relative to Iron.
For a top-notch pure retexture of the iron set, male and female, use HiRez armors - Iron by SaintJiub/Spaceinvader91

V1.1: Female version now available, compatible with vanilla or HGEC.

V1.2: Icon for helmet available and bugfixes on helmet ground model.


Can be installed mid-playthrough.

-Main File (Meshes and Textures: All in one AIO)
RECOMMENDED Wrye bash: drop zip into your bash installers folder and install via wrye bash as normal by selecting desired parts.

Manual: Make a backup of the Iron folder in .../oblivion/data/textures/armor/iron and ../oblivion/data/meshes/armor/iron if you have them.
follow instructions in file section for AIO BAIN
Put the meshes and textures numbered folder/folders you want into your .../oblivion/data directory, and if asked overwrite all files.

-Optional (Shield replacer)
Wrye bash: drop zip into your bash installers folder and install as normal.

Manual: Make a backup of the Iron folder in .../oblivion/data/textures/armor/iron and ../oblivion/data/meshes/armor/iron if you have them.
Put the meshes and textures folder into your .../oblivion/data directory
if asked, overwrite all files.

V1.1 If you change your mind and want to uninstall, new texture pathing will mean your old retextures will not be overwritten.

Known Issues
Helmet slit mesh issues (not visible in ordinary gameplay, vanilla .egm related bug)
Tried to fix myself, but with no luck, seems to be a bug with egms in general.

Vanilla Gear Redux by Elaquimista

Seamless - Robert Male by Junacc

Assorted Protective Female Armors by nuska

HGEC Vanilla Real Armour and Clothing Replacer by Seapig/Neoson

Witcher 2 Swords Shields and Helmets Packs for Oblivion by Elderscrollsfan01
Meshes and textures belong to CD Projekt Red, the developer of the Witcher 2
(http://www.thewitcher.com/), who have very generously allowed
the use of their game assets by modders provided they are given credit.

Growth Armor - Zefiros by VencGanence

Weapon Improvement Project by InsanitySorrow (Swords in Screenshots)