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Seamless Equipment Replacer for Robert Male Body v5.2 -- Bodies, Armors, & Clothes

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Wrye Bash - It's a requirement because it's the best... And I don't know how to make OBMM or NMM scripts...

BBB Enabled Skeleton - Despite males not needing this, you will end up installing it at some point. Don't be "That Guy" and complain about boobs stretching to infinity; these skeletons are better in every way and useful for more things than just BBB.

Installation Instructions
1. Despite my praise and admiration of Robert's Males, you must first UNINSTALL RobertMaleBodiesReplacerV52 [RMv52].

After you've uninstalled RMv52, download and install the "SE- Robert Male v5.2 CORE package in the download section. Follow the instructions in the modified Wrye Bash Wizard carefully. The modified WizBAIN follows the same sequence as the original's minus a few steps that would be redundant or cause problems. If you use Oblivion Character Overhaul, make sure you don't have a file called "MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp" in your Oblivion/Data folder. If you have it, delete it.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS: Install Robert Male v5.2 Replacers for Mods - Optional
Legacy mods such as OOO, MMM, Frans, etc, came with Robert Male v4 compatibility meshes, but they weren't updated to v5. Therefore I updated all the meshes where appropriate (skin exposed at seams) and also molded their shapes to be more like v5 Muscular Body. So there are two versions -- one is the MOLDED version; and the other has meshes modified only when skin was exposed at the seams. There may be some clipping issues with the MOLDED version so be aware, I haven't tested them extensively.

Download and install the original mods, the locations are here:

2. The original mods you've installed contain armor for vanilla male and female bodies. Now download and install the replacer for Robert bodies here:
  • Artifacts - follow the link and go to the optional files section
  • ARMA - follow the link and go to the optional files section
  • Frans
  • MMM
  • OOO

Step-2 installed the armors for Robert bodies but they will still have neckseams. Now download the "all-in-one" add-on package in this mod's download section. Install by overwriting the old files with the new ones.

* More extra seamless body options available at SetBody Reloaded.

Special Thanks to Kromgar (aka gerra6) - KGTools
Special Thanks to Robert2 - Robert Male v5.2 CORE
movomo - Seammender Templates

Original Replacers

You may use, modify, and redistribute freely, as long as credit is given.