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Seamless Replacers for OCOv2's Heads and Textures.

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Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul is great. It transforms Cyrodiil from a place inhabited by potato heads to a land much more believable and beautiful. The problem is, OCO still has those immersion destroying neckseams. This mod banishes the much lamented neckseams that have plagued Oblivion and OCO for so long to the deepest abyss of Nirn. Neckseams will no longer tarnish the beauty of Tamriel!!!

If you're interested in a technical description of how to remove neckseams go here and here. Otherwise, install and enjoy.

Installation Instructions
I've noticed many people are having trouble with Wrye Bash & satisfying all the requirements so I've made an all-in-1 "FOR IDIOTS" download that's in NMM format. If you're a normal person and not an idiot, use Method 2 instead.

Method 1
: For Idiots
Install Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul v2, satisfying all its dependencies.
2. If you have Robert Male installed, uninstall it, completely, all of it. A seamless version will be installed for you.
3. Install the "Idiot" package from this mod's file section.
4. Activate Oblivion_Character_Overhaul.esp and the EVE plugins.

The "Idiot" package contains all stock armors and clothes for vanilla Oblivion + DLC (including Shivering Isles) for:
  • Robert Male v5.2 (Muscular Underwear)
  • HGEC EVE C-Cup upperbody + Normal lowerbody + Underwear (non-BBB)
  • WARNING: Any body replacers and stock armors/clothes replacers you have installed will be overwritten.

Method 2: Recommended
1. Install Nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul v2, satisfying all its dependencies.
2. Install the BAIN package from this mod's file section.
3. Download and install "Seamless Equipment": Body, Armor, and Clothes Replacers.

Method 1 & 2 Common: Optional
Nuska made great head models for the beast races, but for some reason applied strange race presets to them -- like someone stepped on their heads. In order to make Argonians and Khajiits look cool again, go to my Seamless Khats & Args page and follow the instructions.

Gameplay wise, there shouldn't be any incompatibilities, but some things will cause neckseams, such as:

NPC Tex Tweak
: Unless you've setup your NPCs exactly like Nuska's, don't use NPC Tex Tweak. It will cause neckseams.
: Self-Shadows draw a line between the head and body.

Third party Age-Maps: That add wrinkles, tattoos, facial scars, etc, that isn't overwritten by the textures here.
ini Settings: "bFaceGenTexturing=0" in Oblivion.ini will create neckseams. Make sure "bFaceGenTexturing=1".

Notes while Playing
+Blockhead Bug: The latest version of Blockhead has a bug where your character's data doesn't update properly when you jump from one savegame to another. Fortunately, there's a simple solution. Whenever you see neckseams on your character or other weirdness like your male character having a female body, etc...

  1. Make sure you're in 3rd person mode
  2. Open the console by pressing the tilda '~' button
  3. Type "player.update3d"

This also works when you exit the "Character Creation Menu" (showracemenu). Make your face adjustments and after you exit the menu, type "player.update3d" in 3rd person mode.

+NEVER EVER do this

If you set your character's or NPC's age at -1000 (15), the game sometimes gets confused and returns a value less than 15. I've seen some NPC's age reported as low as 6.78. This means all the sex specific agemaps, such as, get ignored and gets used instead. Obviously, there can be only one so either some males or females whose ages are set to -1000 (15) will get neckseams. Not even "player.update3d" will help in this case.

Uninstallation Instructions
Delete the files or overwrite with the original OCOv2 files.

Special thanks to Kromgar (aka gerra6) - KGTools

Scanti - egtpacker
the_philanthropy - Optimized Facegen Files
Luchaire - body.egt
CapsAdmin - headhuman.egt

Nuska - Head Meshes, Textures
Robert2 - Male Textures
nivea - Male Argonian Textures
ShadyTradesman - Female Argonian Face Textures
TheNathanParable (SailorTaurus) - Male Khajiit Textures

You may use and redistribute freely as long as credit is given and you have permission from all the above contributors.