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Mod that adds optimized and atlassed VWD models.

Permissions and credits
This mod adds optimized VWD (visible when distant)/LOD models for the most noticeable exterior objects. The models use atlas textures to reduce draw-calls, resulting in better performance than the traditional way of having multiple textures per model.

Includes modules:
Planned modules:
  • More misc content to Wilderness Misc
  • Imperial structures (this will most likely include vanilla VWDs)
  • Daedric shrines
  • Oblivion realm (maybe needed)
  • Shivering Isles


  1. install with BAIN installer
  2. run TES4LODGen


  1. remove as any other mod
  2. run TES4LODGen

Performance/optimization tips:

  1. Rocks (fps hit mainly caused by water reflections): Use one of the "Balanced" presets or "Only Huge and Large rocks"
  2. In-general: For atlas try to use "Half" option
  3. In-general (QUITE EXTREME): Turn off reflections from Video settings: even not visible models cause reflections to water that is under ground. This is vanilla bug. We might get fix for this from Oblivion Reloaded project someday.

  • Q: Can you add support for retexture pack called X?
  • A: Yes, most likely. Ask in comments or pm me here. Link the mod you'd like to see supported.

  • Q: What are those "Balanced" presets in the installer?
  • A: My hand picked sub-modules that they offer good performance/visual balance if you don't want to hand select each sub-module yourself. Each preset also has description on what they cover.

  • Q: I found a bug in the mod or installer, what do to?
  • A: Please let me know in the comments or report a bug.

  • Q: How does v3 differ from v2?
  • A: All far models are remade to futher optimize them and apply the UV mapping correctly.

  • Q: Why does RAEVWD have more models for lets say Ayleid Ruins?
  • A: I've only hand picked VWD models for only the most noticeable objects for performance reasons. One could say RAEVWD is overkill and has some VWD models that you most likely won't even see but they still are taxing your performance.

Recommented complementary VWD mods:

Optimized VWD (Install/load J3 Atlassed VWD after Optimized VWD if you want to use overlapping objects from J3 Atlassed VWD) - qwertyasdfgh
VWD for Leyawiin and VWD for Town Houses - laulajatar
VWD Ships - elpattos

Special thanks to:
Wiepman - testing and suggestions
maczopikczo - creator of Ruines Ruins
calthrop - creator of Oblivion 2020 Retexture Project
Qarl, may you rest in peace - main creator of Qarl's Texture Pack III
Bomret and devakm - creators of Qarl's Texture Pack III
Katkat74 - creator of Katkat74's Ayleid Ruins Hd, Wayshrines (Katkat74, please let me know if you deny permission to include support for your mod)
ClearanceClarence - creator of CC's Skyblivion Ayleid Ruins