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This mod adds VWD models for houses into the tamriel worldspace for Leyawiin.

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VWD for Leyawiin

· - = | Description | = - ·

This mod adds VWD models for houses into the tamriel worldspace for Leyawiin. Bethesda did them for all other cities, but not for Leyawiin. Why? Who knows. Perhaps because the houses look too different to really use one model, or perhaps because usually between the flat land and all the trees you wouldn't be able to see over the city walls anyway.

They are very low res, just like the other vanilla house VWDs, because realistically, you won't see much of these at all during normal gameplay.

· - = | Known Issues / Compatibility | = - ·

This mod is *only* for Vanilla, not for Open Cities (reborn) or Better Cities. Don't try to mix them or Guars might eat your PC.
No city layout changes will be taken into account by using the esp.

· - = | Installation | = - ·

Use a mod manager to install the contents of the archive into the Oblivion\Data Folder.
Activate the .esp in a game launcher of your choice. You should probably load this pretty early.

If you use Tes4LodGen, you can ditch the DistandLOD folder or safely ignore when files mismatch after running LodGen.

· - = | Uninstallation | = - ·

If you have used Tes4LodGen, make sure to run it again after uninstalling.

· - = | Recommended Mods | = - ·

Optimized VWD, for other fps friendly VWD models. The chapel in my screenshot is from there :)