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One-Click DistantLOD Generator

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Name: TES4LODGen
Category: Utilities
Requirements: None
Author: ElminsterAU

TES4LODGen is a One-Click DistantLOD Generator.

Not necessary.

You MUST have HDR enabled in game options. Otherwise it can happen that all distant objects "flash to black" depending on the viewing angle.

1. Start TES4LODGen.exe - It will automatically find your Data Folder, list of active Modules and Oblivion.ini, load all active modules, load all associated BSAs and generate DistantLOD data for all worldspaces in all active modules.
2. Close the application once it's finished.
3. Play.

TES4LODGen must be run after any changes in load order (adding, removing, reordering plugins) so LOD would work properly!!!

REALLY Almost Everything Visible When Distant is highly recommended to get the greatest benefit from TES4LODGen.

Advanced Usage

It is possible to control the processing for each worldspace by creating a plugins.tes4lodgensettings file in the same folder as plugins.txt.

>>>> Example >>>>
;Supported Rules: Skip, Clear, Replace


Any worldspace which is not specifically listed will have the Default Rule applied.

1.2.44 BETA, 2008-03-07, Initial release.
2.2.0, 2009-02-23, Update to same backend as TES4Edit 2.2.0, should handle .bsa's on different drives
2.2.1, 2009-02-24, Deletes old .lod files before writing new ones. Processing rule can be specified per Worldspace using plugins.tes4lodgensettings file.
2.2.2, 2009-02-25, Fixes rotation of generated .lod information
Version 3.0.13 syncs up the engine with the most current version of TES4Edit, FO3Edit and FNVEdit.
Version 3.0.15 fixes a bug that resulted in VWD objects having wrong rotation values.
Version 3.0.32 Fixes:
- issue 162: reference rotation angle normalization (TES4LODGen hanging on several mods)

You can find me on the official Elder Scrolls forums as 'ElminsterEU'
You can find me on TESNexus as 'ElminsterAU'

This program is provided as-is with no warranties expressed or implied.
I won't be held liable for any damage related to it's use.
There is nothing that can be considered malware in this program such as virus, trojan, adware, or spyware in it's original distribution.
If this program gets romantically envolved with your significant other and runs away with him/her, I won't be held responsible for that either!
Source code available upon request.