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Patches for Midland and Vergayun

A set of patch files which provide compatibility for various combinations of Midland,
Vergayun, Fort Akatosh Redux, and Roads of Cyrodiil.


Midland and Vergayun each add small fishing villages at the dock next to Fort Variela.
Midland also adds two homes near the dock across the river, making it one of the very few
mods that have done anything with that lonely, pointless little dock. Roads of Cyrodiil adds
a large bridge which spans the river right next to the villages. Fort Akatosh Redux adds a
large Roman Legion style fort and a large dock at the river on the east bank across from the

Unfortunately since all of these sit right on top of one another, using them together in any
combination results in floating buildings, broken path grids, and some rather spectacular
rips in the landscape. Especially on the east bank where Midland, ROC, and Fort Akatosh all

While this started out as a simple village combining patch, there are now four patches included
here that cover various combinations of Midland/Vergayun with Roads of Cyrodiil and/or Fort
Akatosh Redux (this is another one of those crowded little modding spots). Only use the ONE
PATCH which matches the mods you have loaded. Using more than one will cause you some
pretty bad glitches.

These patches all relocate three of Midlands homes very slightly to the south to eliminate
conflicts with Vergayun. Landscaping and path grids have also been repaired. I really didn't
touch anything from Vergayun since it was the larger, more involved mod of the two, has
questlines, and was dominant in Load Order.

The two villages are now separated only by the trail which runs between them. I have given
Midland it's own dock area which ties in nicely with the pre-existing dock, and added a second
map marker for the portion of Midland on the east bank of the Niben. The result is a larger,
twin settlement that looks as if it was always intended to be that way.

If using Roads of Cyrodiil, the village extends south right to the edge of the Great Niben Bridge,
however has plenty of room to spare and looks like it was designed with the bridge in mind
(because it was). Midland on the east bank of the Niben now has a small trail that connects to
the bridge road as well.

If using Fort Akatosh without ROC, Midland's new trail will instead lead to the main gate of the
Fort. If using Fort Akatosh with ROC you will find the bridge has been slightly relocated as it was
clipping through the Fort dock building. The hillside at the southwest corner of the Fort has been
landscaped into a natural looking ramp that comes off of the bridge and directly to the fort main
south gate. Trail for Midland ties into this new intersection. Road signs have been placed at all
appropriate road intersections.


Official Oblivion patch version 1.2.406.
Shivering Isles (Required by Midland)
OBSE 0020 or greater (Required by Vergayun)
Roads of Cyrodiil (optional)
Fort Akatosh Redux (optional)

Strongly recommended for dialogue: Elys Universal Silent Voice


1. Copy the ESP of your choice along with the meshes/textures folders to your Oblivion/Data folder.
    Only use the ONE esp which matches the mods you are currently using. DO NOT use both. The
    meshes and textures will not overwrite anything, they are for the new Midland sign.

2. Set Load Order as directed and play.

3. If you have RAEVWD or some other mod which provides LOD, run TES4LODGen to update it to
    include the buildings.

Load Order 

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. All of these files are already recognized.
Specific Load Order instructions are included with each read-me file as well. 


May conflict with other mods and patches which edit the same game cells.
Check out the rest of my patch files, and many from other community
members at The One Stop Patch Shop.

Licensing and Legal

The mods that these patches are based on were created by and belong to others. If you wish to
use any of the assets contained in them you will need to contact the original authors. If you wish
to make any changes to these patch files you need to contact me first. Please do not host these
files on any other sites without my consent.


Arthmoor for Vergayun and Roads of Cyrodiil
Carah and Malachi Delacot for Midland
Onra for Fort Akatosh Redux
Credits for borrowed assetts can be found in the original read-me files