About this mod

This mod will rebuild the city of Kvatch through several phases. Included are new armours, an arena to fight in and spectate, the opportunity to become Count(ess) of Kvatch and more …

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • German

Rebuild Kvatch through a series of quests spanning several weeks of building and adventuring. Become the new count(ess) or help the rightful heir find his way back to Kvatch to rule this magnificent city. Get your own statue in the city, and fight in the arena to become the new champion!

Uncover the evil secrets of old Kvatch! Fight through large dungeons and solve various puzzles. Two unique boss fights and fantastic locations to explore!

Key Features:
  • Rebuild Kvatch through a series of quests.
  • Become Count(ess) of Kvatch, or place the rightful heir on the throne. Your choice!
  • Become the new champion of the rebuilt Kvatch Arena.
  • Explore the dungeons deep below Kvatch.
  • (WIP) New, highly detailed companion with a compelling story.
  • Voice over

Use the Mod Manager Download button. Install and enable the mod.

Wrye Bash BAIN
Drop the archive into your Oblivion ModsBash Installers folder, then install and enable as usual.

Extract Kvatch Rebuilt.esp and Kvatch Rebuilt.bsa from the archive to your Data folder. Activate the mod using whatever mod manager tool suits you.

Due to the way Kvatch Rebuilt handles certain things it is never recommended to uninstall it mid-game. If you must do that however, follow the uninstallation method as described below:
  1. Go to an interior cell away from Kvatch, open up the console and enter [SetStage KRUninstall 10].
  2. Save and exit, then deactivate 'Kvatch Rebuilt.esp'.
  3. Start the game and load the save you made, and save it again.
  4. Now you may delete the mod files.

  • Other Kvatch Mods: Kvatch Rebuilt is presumed incompatible with any mod that changes Kvatch (unless compatibility is specifically noted).
  • Oblivion Character Overhaul: AI and dialogue of vanilla characters does not function properly (Patch).
  • OOO/Francesco/FCOM/Warcry/WAC/Creature Diversity: Fully compatible.
  • Weather - All Natural: Kvatch Rebuilt's weather system causes issues with the weather in All Natural (Patch).
  • Unique Landscape - Cheydinhal Falls: Important Quest-Objects buried underground, as well as land tears (Patch).
  • Oblivifall: Landscape issues. Kvatch chapel does not have the visual/sound modifications introduced by Oblivifall.
  • Oblivion XP: Support for Oblivion XP is integrated into Kvatch Rebuilt (Oblivion XP version 4.3+ required).
  • The living and the dead: Conflict in some locations.
  • ShadeMe/ShadeMe enhanced: Possible CTD when playing the Underground part of Kvatch Rebuilt.
  • Open Cities - AI issues in Skingrad, landscape issues in Anvil (Patch).

  • French (3.0 RC1) - by Arcenild, Sita, and Oaristys
  • Spanish (3.0 beta6) - by Joe1984 ace

The mod should kick in automatically once you have completed the 'The Battle for Castle Kvatch' quest, regardless if you have already done it long before, or are just starting out. You should notice the camp move into the city and after about a week or two a messenger should find you (look for messages in the upper left corner of the screen at first load to confirm proper setup).

The Pre-Invasion city (WIP) remains until you have delivered the amulet to Jauffre, at which point the Oblivion gate will spawn and the city will be in ruins.

  • From the distance Kvatch may well still look burnt, even when the rebuild is complete. This can be resolved by updating the LOD through TES4LodGen.
  • The ground is still burnt around the city. This is due to a limitation in the game engine. This can be resolved by using the "No More Burned  Ground" patch.
  • It is advisable to load Kvatch Rebuilt after OOO/FCOM and (Open-) Better Cities.
  • Savegames where an older version of Kvatch Rebuilt (prior to 3.0) is present will not work with newer versions (3.0+).
  • To disable quest markers type [Set KRGlobal.QMarkOff 1] in the console.
  • The Pre-Invasion city is still WIP, and therefore looks unfinished.