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Continues to add content. Still working on OOO patch.

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Okay! So, my last account here got mistakenly banned for trolling when in fact I was really just mad.
That aside, I've continued to work on my mods while waiting for a response from the other type of mod.
Please re-read the description if you have done so in the past, small things keep on being added like always.
The original upload by me can be found here

Updates! Everybody gets updates! Welcome to the biggest update yet! LOD has been generated as well as new pathing and a new entrance at the Talos district to/from the waterfront! If I have enough time when I am not busy I will re-generate all LOD for the whole world I've changed, along with new pathing!

I've removed the Quest Item flags on a lot of things, I've removed that stupid candle on the cake that made the cake glitch out, and I've edited some other things. I'll be doing more testing.
Now OOO Compatible! Keep reading! Walls, walls everywhere. I think it's my load order, but not sure. Added secrets in and/or around Willow Bank. Not quite sure where I put them. You'll have to look.

An OOO compatability patch and a fixed intro sequence. I need a scripter!
Remove floating rocks
Create a player home with the ship on the water

Oblivion 1.2 patch

Unofficial Oblivion Patch

0 Make a full save of your current game if you have one.
1 Copy the files to your <install path>\Oblivion\Data\ folder.
1.5 Read the README file in your /Oblivion/Data folder, it's the same as what you're reading now.
2 Open the oblivion launcher, then select "Data files" and disable ALL of your mods. Keep the Oblivion master file checked. Custom races, armor, weapons, and landscape/building mods are okay for this.
3 Start a new game with VANILLA Oblivion, XML menus like DarNified UI are OK.
4 Save once you have finished your new character. A full save is preferred, but a quicksave will do. Autosaves are a big no-no for this part.
5 Quit Oblivion, enable all of the mods you want except ones that modify the Main Quest.
6 Resume your game. You should have a clean exit from the prison cell now. Just follow the candles until you get to the broken wall.
7 Enjoy a game of Oblivion Happily Ever After!

Any mod that modifies the main quest in any way. That includes voices, NPC armor, NPC weapons, main quest script mods, and main quest overhauls. NOT OOO COMPATIBLE!!! If you have OOO and you install this mod after you've toyed around with OOO, that's great, it should work fine. HOWEVER! If you started a game with this, then you download OOO like I did, disable this mod and complete (yes, it HAS TO BE COMPLETED STATUS) a trivial side quest like Thoronir's shop quest thingy, then re-enable the mod. It should work fine. Just make sure it's LAST in your load order! Also, if you start a new game as described in this desc.txt, you should be fine if you had OOO enabled from the start. with the newest updates HOWEVER, OOO forces a freeze in my game. Working on a patch. I've loaded OOO and OBHEA plugins, neither set as active, and I've combined active files, but on the loading screens my game just crashes. I've tried my ever faithful save file, but that is't working either, I'm going to try a difference plugin next.

50% Those mods that enhance the Imperial City buildings, including the one  that adds an undercity. May crash.
0% - 85% OOO, I have hade mixed results. earlier files have had some success while the later versions have either never worked or crashed almost immediately.
100% Character mods like Ren's Hair, Beards, first person mods, armor mods, and other things centered around the player character.

The Khajiit Imperial Guards' tails glitch around the city at 1280x768 or any texture size lower than Large, don't worry, they are harmless. Also, not having LOD on might also instigate a more severe form of this issue.
Starting the game is a little tricky. Read the INSTALLING section above for instructions. If you are using OOO, the new guards WILL NOT be changed! The game might not even work at all!

Thieve's Guild Bug
You will have trouble starting the Thieve's guild quest unless you go to jail for stealing. The beggar's Grey Fox dialogue has been irreversibly removed by accident and I spent too much time on this mod to just to start over. So, to join the Thieves Guild, steal something and get sent to jail. Everything should work fine. Methridel is a lazy pain in the butt and takes forever to get to the Garden of Dareloth, and you may need to spawn her through the console or advance the quest through the console which may alternatively break the game.

This adds a sort of "new" feel to Oblivion's cities. I've only finished the Imperial City for now, but I'm changing all of the races in each city to give more variety to the guards. I created an NSFW version of the Lusty Argonian Maid for you perverted freaks, it's located in the First Edition in the Imperial City Market. It's labelled as "The Lusty Argonian Maid (edited)"After you finish the Thieve's Guild main quest, as soon as you enter Dareloth's basement look at the pillar on the right wall furthest away from you. There's a key. That key goes to the front door of Dareloth's house on th Imperial City Waterfront so you don't have to always go to the garden.I plan on adding as much improvement as I can. This is also a time for all of you Oblivion players to suggest content that you wish was available in Vanilla, things like the front door to Dareloth's house and such. This also removes those dumb arches on the main bridge, changes the Talos Plaza district entrance to something more logical that actually makes fecking sense, and adds a barrel of forbidden goodies somewhere in Cheydinhal.

Kvatch Rebuilt
Ingredient Overhaul by Tchos for the prison cake