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This is a collection of compatibility patches between (as of now) Kvatch Rebuilt, Cyrodiil Travel Services and Bruma Guild Reconstructed.

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Cyrodiil Travel Services Enhanced Compatibility Patches

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  1. Summary
  2. Mod content
  3. Installation
  4. Known Issues
  5. Credits
  6. Tools used
  7. Licensing/Legal
  8. Notes

1. Summary

I recently started a new modded playthrough of Oblivion after quite a long time without playing it and I noticed that despite the good work yet done by Arthmoor to support his other mods and official DLCs without dependencies via scripting, he has not made his mods fully compatible with other popular mods, such as Kvatch Rebuilt. I was disappointed with that as I wanted to have the Divine Intervention spell and the Mages Guild portals to teleport me to my newly rebuilt Kvatch and it wasn't possible. At first I tinkered with console commands but I finally went through the process of making a compatibility patch myself, hence there it is !

TL;DR: This is a collection of compatibility patches between (as of now) Kvatch Rebuilt, Cyrodiil Travel Services and Bruma Guild Reconstructed

2. Mod Content

I split the mod in two files :
- KR_CTS_Patch.esp :
  • It adds a new teleporter at the center of the Kvatch Mages Guild at the final step of reconstruction and enables travel to it from all other Vanilla/DLCs portal locations
  • It enables the Divine Intervention spell to teleport you to the Chapel of Akatosh inside Kvatch after it has been rebuilt (Stage 4 of reconstruction, after the "From the shadows" quest)
  • It obviously requires both Kvatch Rebuilt and Cyrodiil Travel Services to be installed
- BGR_KR_CTS_Patch.esp :
  • It enables the teleporter inside the reconstructed Bruma Mages guild to teleport you to the teleporter inside the Kvatch Mages Guild (added by the other patch)
  • It obviously requires both Kvatch Rebuilt, Cyrodiil Travel Services, Bruma Guild Reconstructed AND the KR_CTS_Patch.esp to be installed

3. Installation

Automatic (Recommended)
Use the Mod Manager Download button. Install and enable the file(s) in your favorite mod manager (ModOrganizer2 is my personal preference). The package is a FOMOD and will auto-detect if optional dependencies are present to install the right files.

Extract the required .esp (cf. 2. MOD CONTENT) from the archive to your Data folder and activate them in your mod manager (OBMM) or the Oblivion Launcher

4. Known Issues
None. Please let me know if you find any.

5. Credits

  • Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for this great game we all love.
  • Thanks to Arthmoor for his great and lore friendly work on all Elder Scrolls titles
  • Thanks to Zaldir and the Kvatch Rebuilt Team for their amazing work
  • Thanks to the authors of the tools listed below

6. Tools Used
  • TES4Edit
  • Construction Set Extended
  • FOMOD Creation Tool
  • 7-Zip
  • Visual Studio Code

7. Licensing/Legal
You are free to do anything you want with this mod, including making a mirror for it but I would like to know and be credited please.

 8. Notes
Future plans :
  • As I really like cut content restoration I like to install mods that restore Sutch such as Arthmoor's Sutch Village and SilentResident's ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch with the Sutch Unification and Sutch Unification - Uniforms patches. While this setup is pretty cool as it keeps both of Arthmoor's good quest design and SilentResident's nice world design, the main quest giver of the village is unaware of the city nearby on one side, and the city is pretty empty on the other. I'd like to add some interaction between the two mods such as the Sutch Count whom could send you to build the outskirt village, and references to the city and Count in the village's main NPC dialogues. Maybe one or two secondary quest inside the city too. I'd also like to replace the guilds interior as they are copy of vanilla guilds. Finally I'd like to make it compatible with Cyrodiil Travel Service as well. I'm not quest nor level designer though so I'll see with other people if I can adapt their work.
  • Kvatch and Sutch are still lacking integration in some vanilla quests, namely they have no Mage Guild recommendation quest and are not considered when gathering allies for the Battle of Bruma, I might make a patch for this as well

  • If you have any mods for which you think a Cyrodiil Travel Service patch would be useful, please let me know.
  • If you're interested in any of the mod idea listed above feel free to let me know, It would surely help me to get motivated :p

  • Arthmoor have taken down his mods from Nexus but you can find them on other mod sites like AFKMods.
  • I personnally don't like the new quests added to the Kvatch Rebuilt main questline when it was updated again in 2019 (the underground dungeon and the Ayleid king boss battle). If you're like me you might want to use this mod with the old Kvatch Rebuilt 1.1 release : that's possible. If you manage to get the file, you can use this TES4Edit script to fuse the .esm and .esp together, and it will work like a charm with my patches. Please note that you'll probably need the frostcrag patch as well and you will need to remove the .esm dependency with TES4Snip. I do not recommend going through this process unless you know what you're doing. I will not release any of these files as I've no permission whatsoever. If you wonder where to find these files, I know for sure that it's possible to get a French version, a German version and Russian versions on Russian torrent trackers. If you know a site for an english version please let me know.