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OCO (by nuska) is a fantastic mod for improving character appearance, but unfortunately conflicts with many other plugins, including several official plugins, due to limitations of the Oblivion game engine. This is an upload of several patches I created in TES4Edit to make OCO compatible with the official plugins, UOP/USIP, and Kvatch Rebuilt

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This is a set of compatibility patches for nuska's Oblivion Character Overhaul.  Because Oblivion Character Overhaul edits many NPCs, it conflicts with any other mod that also edits NPCs.  This leaves modders with a dilemma: load OCO after other mods, and risk breaking the functionality of NPCs within those mods, or load OCO before other mods, and have certain NPCs reverted back to their ugly vanilla state, which makes them stick out like a sore thumb with OCO.

The third option is to manually create compatibility patches using a tool like TES4Edit that contain the required changes from both OCO and other mods, and load it after all of them.  This is the option that I went with for my own mod installation, and I'm uploading these patches here so others can use them.

The following plugins/mods are supported:
Official Plugin: Horse Armor
Official Plugin: Mehrunes' Razor
Official Plugin: Orrery
Official Plugin: Thieves' Den
Official Plugin: Knights of the Nine
Unofficial Oblivion Patch & Shivering Isles Patch (combined)
Kvatch Rebuilt

I've checked the other official plugins and they do not seem to have any conflicts.  I currently have no plans to create any other patches in the near future.

You will still need to download OCO separately before installing the patches.  Each plugin has its own compatibility patch (with the exception of UOP and USIP, which are combined).  To install, download all the files and activate the ones corresponding to the plugins that you have.  Each patch should be loaded after both OCO and it's associated plugin(s) in your load order.

Bethesda Game Studios
nuska (OCO)
The Unofficial Oblivion Patch Team
Kvatch Rebuilt Team