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Patch by SirLucky7 -- Original Mod by Woooombat

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Includes The Frontier, Living Desert, 3DNPC FNV Bundle, MikeBurnFire Quests, Repconn Blues and many more to come! Adds the idles from Idle Variety to many if not all characters of mods I manually patched for it.

Permissions and credits
Pretty simple: Patches NPCs from the following list to use the idles added by Idle Variety ESPless:

Fallout - The Frontier by The Frontier Team (not all characters covered, mainly a good bunch of generic NPCs)

The Living Desert - Travelers Patrols Consequences Increased Population and more by ElPascal and friends

FNV 3DNPC Bundle Updated by Kris Takahashi/Tevemaci

Mikeburnfire's NPCs and Quests by mikeburnfire

The REPCONN Blues by PineappleSurprise

Havasu Blues by Kungkobra and Akarion

Into The Deep by EnSkithogSager/Oviver

New Vegas Bounties I LE by Someteam2000/RoyBatterian/Someguy2000 

New Vegas Killer LE by Someteam2000/RoyBatterian/Someguy2000

Simple Populated Freeside by SSSlick

Lively Wrangler by Zebumper

Retribution - A Legion Quest Mod by AutisticHarmonica

This will not overwrite any other ini files related to Idle Variety; they will work individually and should not have any incompatibilities with other IV patches as long as they are properly set up.

You can make suggestions in the comments for upcoming patches, but do know that I need the permission from the original authors to release many of these patches (a good handful of the ones already patched here have generous permissions and so I didn't need to get direct permission as long as I credit appropriately).