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Work for Bobby Bass as a contract killer in this fully-voiced quest mod! Tiddies and biscuits.

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New Vegas Killer features a zany, compact questline that is geared towards players with bad karma. Specifically, it offers a questline based on the premise that the player has joined Judge Richter at the conclusion of New Vegas Bounties. It is not a canonical addition to Someguy2000's quest mod series, but is merely the equivalent of a What If? spinoff.


Countless bug fixes and minor enhancements that in no way change Someguy2000's vision.
Conversion to ESM for proper navmesh function, no need for ini tweaks, and less memory usage/save bloat.
Assets packed into uncompressed BSA files to speed loading on modern systems.
Remastered and some revoiced character audio - now with uniquely voiced hobos!
Jorge Martin now sports a "Fat Fuck" outfit.
Uncut dialogue for your first target, Pat.


Someguy2000 for his original series of mods, to whom we have nothing but admiration and respect.
RoyBatty for GECK wrangling and starting this project years ago.
TheHermit for his audio expertise and other invaluable contributions.
DanteFettman for providing the new voice acting and other invaluable contributions.
Varstud for his exemplary bug testing and management skills.
Matt (mdbakpo) for jumping in to help us bug test. Thank you!