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Adds a level 3 perk for the three vanilla knuckle weapons (Brass knuckles, Spiked knuckles, Love & Hate)

Permissions and credits
This mod is now part of Spartacus' Perk Collection and will not be maintained any further. Use the perk collection mod instead.
You can safely install the collection mod during a gameplay
with this mod, though I recommend you to delete this mod, once you start a new game. No bad consequences if not doing so, but saves you a slot in your load order.

Version log:

v1.0 initial release


As for every mod out there: Check the comment section. Things may not be, like they seem ... .


This perk works with the 3 listed vanilla weapons only! To make it apply on mod-added weapons a compatibility patch must be made.
One possible way to make a compatibility patch is following the pictorial guide at the end of this page (as an example for a different mod).

A patch for the Shock Knuckles from Tammer's Weapon Pack is added under optional files.


Wanna waste some folks by using these cool weapons, but found them to be too weak? Look no further! Finally smash and bash the sh*t out of people/monsters while using knuckles.

Level 3, Unarmed 50
When fighting with knuckles, spiked knuckles or Love & Hate you gain:
20% increased damage and critical damage (1st rank) and 10% knockdown chance (2nd rank).
You know where it hurts (+20% increased critical hit chance, 3rd rank) and your lust as well as the adrenaline kick give you a drive (30% increased AP regen in battle, 3rd rank).
As a master with the knuckles you gain another 20% damage, critical damage and 10% attack speed (4th rank).

I wanted to give 'dem knuckles more limb damage, but this would need scripting, as far as I can see. By now I didn't find the motivation to gather the necessary knowledge on the internet, so I descided to give it some simple bonus damage instead.
I remembered when I found Love & Hate in one of my first playthroughs and it was actually useful, but got useless later in game. What a pity. Finally, I will use it again.

New Vegas only

Drop the .esp in the Data folder of your New Vegas folder. Check the .esp in your Mod Manager / Game Launcher before starting the game.
Can be installed mid-game, no new game necessary.

-space holder-

Delete the .esp from you data-folder.
It is not recommended to uninstall any mod mid game. There are ways to do so, but search the internet for it. An easy way is to replace the desired .esp in your data folder by an empty .esp with the same name. But I am not sure, how New Vegas will react to this. Especially if you already took the perk ingame.

Please report them in the comments.
If you don't use any mods which fix the bugged melee/unarmed vanilla perks, then the knockdown and maybe other bonuses may not work as intended. The vanilla game used "set value" for some perks, instead of "add value", which means perks are not working together, but the later just overwrites the earlier. Bad thing. Fix this by using YUP and/or Ultimate Unarmed and Melee Perks Tweaks.


Permissions, edits, reuploads ... :
You are allowed to edit and reupload this mod anywhere, create patches, ... whatever stuff, just mention the original source (this site here) when you do so.
Other thoughts and ideas are ofc welcome in the comments. Just don't expect me to do anything from it. Comment sections are really nice to gather informations and ideas, also for the readers, who may create a mod in the future. Doesn't mean I will implement stuff.

The GECK wiki and all the modders out there, who are working in their free time on expanding this game in so many ways.
The GECK extender and its developers
xEdit and its developers

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