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Merges fixes for some choice Unarmed & Melee Weapons perks. Adds new perks to balance melee play. Complimentary for YUP, MMUE, NVEC, CCPF.

Permissions and credits
Came back to this game late and started a melee character, I found these old fixes scattered in different fix packs, incompatible with each other. This is my attempt to remedy that problem.

Also, to make melee play a little more balanced and fun, I add two new melee perks.

What this does, in more details:

1) Selectively merges the fixes for some Unarmed & Melee Weapons perks, from various packs: YUP, MMUE, CCPF, NVEC BugFixes
+ Separates Unarmed and Melee skill requirements for perks that affect both weapon types.

Changed perks:

+ Ninja: Req. lvl 20, Sneak 80, Unarmed or Melee skill 80
-- +25% damage only counts when sneaking undetected (YUP)
-- Applies +15% crit chance to "Base Crit Chance" instead of "Calculated Weapon Crit Chance" (CCPF, NVEC, MMUE)
-- +5% crit chance to base crit chance of small knifes except the cleavers
-- Separates skill requirements (MMUE)

+ Piercing Strike: Req. lvl 12, Unarmed or Melee skill 70

+ Slayer: Req. lvl 24, Agility 7, Unarmed or Melee skill 90

+ Super Slam: Req. lvl 8, Strenght 6, Unarmed or Melee skill 45

+ Unstoppable Force: Req. lvl 12, Strenght 7, Unarmed or Melee skill 90
-- Only counts when attacking from the front (YUP)

2) Adds two new melee perks:

+ Bushwhacker: +20% damage, +10% attack speed to medium or long reach Melee Weapons. Req. lvl 6, Melee skill 45.

+ Hard Hitter: +25% damage to medium or long reach Two-Handed Melee Weapons. Req. lvl 8, Melee skill 60.

Weapons considered medium or long reach:
+ Base game: Machete, Chainsaw, Cattle Prod, Dress Cane, Shishkebab, Super Sledge, Baseball Bat, Nail Board, 9 Iron, Fireaxe, Pool Cue, Rebar Club, Thermic Lance, Bumper Sword.
+ DLCs: Baseball bat (GRA), Old Glory, Nuka Breaker, X-2 antenna, Broad machete, Katana, Knife spear, Gehenna, Proton axe, Protonic inversal axe, Blade of the West.
+ Mods: any melee weapon added by a mod with a minimum reach value of 0.75 in GECK.

It makes no sense that the best early to late game melee weapons are the itty-bitty one-handed knifes (Blood-Nap, Chance's Knife).
Because of the Cowboy & Grunt perks adding +25% dmg each, those knifes do massive damage, are lightning fast, have huge DPS even before crits, weight almost nothing, and are free to get to boot. Larger weapons, in exchange for a meager longer reach lose out on every other front. It's as if a 9mm pistol looted in Goodsprings was the best gun for the entire game, even beating out the Anti-materiel Rifle and the YCS/186 as a sniper weapon.

+ NVSE & JIP LN Plugin.
+ DLCs: Gun Runner Arsenal, Dead Money, Old World Blue, Lonesome Road.
+ Loaded after mods that change the records of Ninja, Piercing Strike, Slayer, Super Slam, Unstoppable Force. This includes YUP, MMUE, NVEC, and others.
+ Loaded after mods that add new long/medium reach melee weapons to the game. This is so that the new perks can affect those weapons.

+ Any mod that changes the records of Ninja, Piercing Strike, Slayer, Super Slam, Unstoppable Force. This mod should be loaded after those mods if you want the changes to the perks to apply.

Installation: Drop the files into the "Data\" folder, or use a mod manager.
Uninstallation: Delete the files.

Mod Recommendations:
+ Melee Reach Fixed scripted version: a baseball bat should have longer reach than a lead pipe's, not half.

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+ Homing Projectiles
+ Melee Cleave (Sweep)
+ Universal Ammo
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