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A vanilla-style quest mod giving Legion players a way through the Bitter Springs trifecta of quests: No, Not Much, Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues, and Climb Ev'ry Mountain. Sack the Bitter Springs refugee camp for the Legion, optionally recruiting help from the Great Khans to facilitate their retribution.

Permissions and credits
Yes, I Would, Actually

The title is an attempted inversion of the phrase No, Not Much from the context of the original song's lyrics. Probably could have named it better, but that would be too much work to redo at this point.

I always thought the way Bitter Springs is implemented in the game to have too few options to help, or at least hinder the camp. The only way to hinder the camp really in the Vanilla game is to hand Captain Gilles infected supply caches (which you can still do).
As well, giving an opportunity for the Khans to avenge their fallen and loved ones seemed like a missed opportunity.
Lastly, the refugees there seem to be an easy way for the Legion to bolster their slaving operations if they were to take control of the camp.

Enter Yes, I Would, Actually; sack the Bitter Springs via either straightforward combat, subterfuge, or amassing a small band of reinforcements to assist you in the assault.

NOTE: As with my other Legion quest mod Five-Card Ante, this mod is completely unvoiced. As such, if you want voices, use xVASynth2 or something similar to generate the voice and `.lip` files.

How To Start The Quest
Travel to the Bitter Springs Recreation Area and enter the shack (where the Tumblers Today skill magazine is). Inside there will be a Legion Frumentarius named Marcellus (seems like the only popular Ancient Roman name not taken in the game) who will give you the quest.

To reiterate: Marcellus is in the shack at the Bitter Springs Recreation Area; NOT the Bitter Springs Refugee Camp!

Requirements and Conflicts
I do not think I used any functions from xNVSE or its extensions, so all that should be needed is the base game (no DLC content used).
Honest Hearts is now a requirement; you can now convince Papa Khan to help if you have the Fight the Power! perk
I tried to forward any fixes from YUP that I saw were in conflict with the mod, but it is not required.

There seems to be a small conflict with Outside Bets, where the refugees in the camp will not have references attached to them. This means that if you sack the camp with Legion/Khan reinforcements, some of the refugees will be murdered (lol). I don't play with Outside Bets anymore so I will not make a patch; use xEdit to make one yourself, it would take like 5 seconds probably.

Load after YUP and New Vegas Redesigned 2 (Revised), I don't use NVR3 (or Revised), and is most likely incompatible as that mod extensively modifies Bitter Springs.

Please let me know if you have any issues!

Compendium of Avenues to Sack Bitter Springs
  • Just yeet them NCR dweebs yourself, then Marcellus will take over the camp
  • During Bitter Springs Infirmary Blues, get Lt. Markland 1 bad Psychology and Pediatrics text each (just like the "good" ones, you can buy/steal them from Blake at the Crimson Caravan). I've tried to make the titles pretty obviously dubious.
  • During No, Not Much, retrieve for Captain Gilles at least 2 irradiated Great Khan supply caches (one is already infected in the caves, the other 2 have to be contaminated either via Science/Medicine skill of 50, using 3 Dirty Waters, or 1 Irradiated Water)
  • During Climb Ev'ry Mountain, recruit Oscar Velasco either by having a Speech skill of at least 50, or by having done the 2 previously described objectives
  • If you hand in the bad medical books AND the irradiated supply caches, the Health stats of the NCR troopers in the camp will be damaged, with one outright being killed (in my head-canon, mainly as a result of Markland's awful new treatments)
  • If you've recruited troops from Camp Golf, Forlorn Hope, or McCarran during No, Not Much, the quest log will suggest you seek aid from the Great Khans in Red Rock Canyon. They can be recruited either with a Speech check of 50, or by being "Liked" by the Khans
  • Additionally, if you've recruited help already from at least one of those 3 camps, or recruited help from the Great Khans, there will be a 20 percent chance a Ranger from Station Bravo will spawn in the camp to help out the NCR
  • Craft 3 "Unsanitary Doctor's Bags" (similar recipe to regular Doctor's Bag) at a workbench and deliver them to Markland
  • Talk to Marcellus once you've done some, all, or none of the previously described tasks, and he will send 2 Legionaries with you to sack the camp

Future Improvements I Would Like To Make:
  • I didn't incorporate a method to contaminate the Doctor's Bags you give to Markland. I just couldn't think of a way to do it; I didn't want to attach a script to Doctor's Bags to give you the options, since they're ubiquitous across the game and most likely to be overwritten (and removed) from a mod lower in your load order. 
  • ^----> This is now done; craft "Unsanitary Doctor's Bags" at workbenches
  • Telling Boone and/or Manny you're about to sack the camp, and that they can throw away their lives by trying to defend the refugee camp (as a sort of thematic inversion of I Forgot To Remember To Forget)
  • ^----> Probably too lazy to make this a reality, if I'm honest.


  • Obsidian, for making one of the best games ever made
  • The entire xNVSE team in general, the impact of their hard work on the F:NV modding community cannot be overstated
  • AgentFuse for making A Golden Opportunity; I studied this mod and GeckWiki extensively to teach myself how to make a mod in the G.E.C.K.
  • LStewieAL, RoyBatty, and the rest of the xNVSE team for GECK Extender; such a huge QOL improvement for modding in the G.E.C.K.
  • Kormákur for Hot Reload; if you do a lot of scripting in the G.E.C.K., this is a must-have
  • LegionaryH, for making Legion Quests Expanded; this mod heavily inspired Yes, I Would, Actually and my other Legion quest mod, Five-Card Ante, and should be compatible with it out-of-the-box

Future Mod Ideas I Would Like to Make:

  • Make a mod that prevents the Ranger Stations from re-spawning after you eliminate them 
  • ^---------> This is released in an experimental state, check out this mod!
  • Similar overhaul/complement to Flags of Our Foul-Ups; just general skulduggery behaviour to mess with NCR in favour of the Legion 
  • ^---> Doesn't seem compelling to me anymore really: can it answer the question of "To what end"?
  • A proper Novac-raided-by-the-Legion mod; with multiple options, at least some dialogue, and different paths through. I can imagine that being a compatibility headache for FPGE and Novac Reborn, though, ugh.
  • My next quest mod will probably be a slight tweak to Back In Your Own Backyard; Dead Sea recruits you to kill Ranger Milo and his buds to end the stalemate there, so there will be uninhibited opportunity to raid Camp Forlorn Hope. 
  • ^---> This is now released! Please check out You Go To My Head!