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The NCR soldiers guarding the El Dorado keep saying that the Legion would love to shut down the substation, yet nothing ever happens! This mod fixes that.

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"We keep an eye out for Legion raiding parties. They'd love to shut down the Dorado." says the NCR Troopers guarding the El Dorado Substation. Yet, nothing ever happens, the Legion never touches the place. This mod aims to solve that.

This mod adds a whole new Legion quest called "A Golden Opportunity", where you can aid Decanus Tacitus in shutting down the El Dorado. Decanus Tacitus and his contubernium can be found on the hills North of the El Dorado Substation. There are two ways to go about taking over the substation. Much like Helios One, two days after the Legion takes over the El Dorado, a camp will be set up, giving the Legion a foothold in the region.

Note: Old Lady Gibson's dialogue is odd in that you need to ask about her name before the option to buy the override chip shows up. (If anyone knows why, post a comment and I'll fix it.)

Another Note: Tacitus will not talk to you if you have negative Legion reputation.

AlChestBreach made a video of the mod, check it out!

Fallout New Vegas

  • Bobtopolis as the voice of Decanus Tacitus
  • Me, I guess
  • Mister Geck for not looking this way.

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