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An auto-loot mod that collects ingestible items, ammo and a few other items.
Comes with a fully customizable "Custom Filter" function.

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Auto Item Collector, Damage Numbers and Larger Packs DEMO video by Bryan T, aka bct18181. Thanks Bryan!

I made this mod in order to save a few button-clicks when looting. The items this mod auto-collects are;
- Ingestible items (ie. food, chems) that are lighter than the weight-threshold, which is configurable, yet more valuable than the value-threshold, which is also configurable.
- Ammo. Configurable.
- A few of misc items, listed below (these are hard-coded and not configurable);
    - Bottle Caps
    - Faction Currencies
    - Skill Magazines
    - Pre-War Money
    - Bobby Pins
    - Cases (.308, .357 Magnum, etc)
    - Hulls (12 Gauge, 20 Gauge)
    - Drained Packs/Tanks/Cells
    ...and additionally, if you are playing "Tale of Two Wastelands";
    - Cases (.22LR and .32)
    - Drained Liquid Nitrogen Tanks

To fire the auto-looting script, you need to "look at" the container you want to loot. If you successfully auto-looted, a UI message will be shown over the container so you will know what items you looted and which container you just looted from.

This mod is configurable via editing "config\Auto Item Collector.ini" directly, or via MCM. I recommend using MCM since it allows you to tweak the settings on the fly.

Custom Filter
You can add just about any item to Custom Filter (up to 128 entries). To add items to Custom Filter, open Pipboy, then while holding Left-Shift key (configurable), click the item you want to add to Custom Filter. You can edit Custom Filter via MCM. Custom Filter is in plain text format, so you can also edit it manually with any text editor. Just make sure to add one item per line.