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Immersively overhaul your fast-travel experience everywhere you go with Transporters! Mod implements an alternative to fast-travel, adds a new faction, a new settlement, a quest, and... Moleholes? Support for Base Game DLC, New Vegas Bounties (I & II), and Tale of Two Wastelands.

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The Transporters are one of the oldest factions on the West Coast. Decades ago, when they were tribals, they took to taming and riding Mole Rats. Nowadays, they use their talents to taxi citizens across the Wasteland with them. Take on the Mojave with a new form of Fast-Travel, with over 30+ travel destinations! 

[TTW] A few years ago, Transporters came across a military base full of Duraframe Model Eyebots and began sending them East to expand the business to unknown places. Today, these Eyebots can be found leading "Packrats" in the Captial Wasteland. Take on the Capital Wasteland with a new form of Fast-Travel, with over 15+ travel destinations! 

Take a look at the videos tab to see how this mod works.
A full list of Locations is available here (Click me).

Standard Version:

Adds Transporters to the Mojave Wasteland. Transporters act akin to the Carriage system from Skyrim, but much more fleshed out and *dynamic*. Transporters will take you to several locations within a specific radius, the price of travel will be based on the distance of listed locations.

  • ~35 different locations to travel from. Some need to be unlocked before travel.
  • The Transporters speak among themselves and others. Over 300 lines of dialogue are included.
  • "Moleholes" have been added to points of interest and work the same as the Transporters. They give off a green smoke signal so they could be easily found.
  • Pueblo Manifesto, a brand new settlement and home to the Transporters, has been added to the Mojave. Along with a short quest and a Merchant.
  • Fast-Travel-related challenges have been added so the player may gain XP through usage.
  • Premium Travel Membership can be purchased to extend the travel range and make fares cheaper.
  • Mod Configuration Menu Support. Travel Range and Price Multiplier can be changed as you please.
  • Support for NVB1 & NVB2 (Adds Randall & Associates + Boulder City Jail).

DLC Version:

This version supports Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road. Unlike the Standard version, the locations in the DLC need to be discovered before Fast-Travelling to them. Also unlike the Standard Version, the forms of Fast-Travel are different. Includes everything the Standard version has to offer, with the addition of FNV DLC support.

SIERRA MADRE (1 Fast-Travel Destination):
  • Added "Vera's Beacons". They can be found around The Villa or purchased from one of the Villa's Vending Machines after finding its code.
  • The Vera's Beacons will teleport you back to the Villa fountain after usage. I did this because the Villa is small and doesn't need Fast-Travel markers everywhere.

ZION CANYON (10 Fast-Travel Destinations):
  • Added "Zion Travel Rations". They can be found around Zion (within Pre-War structures/buildings), and crafted at a campfire (x1 Lunch Box, x1 Stimpack, x1 Can of Beans, and x1 Purified Water).
  • I divided Zion's playable area into 10 quads and chose one location from each quad to be a Fast-Travel destination. The locations make sense.

BIG MT (9 Fast-Travel Destinations):
  • Added "Big MT Transporters". They can only be accessed once the player purchases the "Upgrade - Big MT Transporter" from The Sink.
  • I chose locations that are key to Old World Blue's main quest and a few other places to spread out the pool of destinations evenly.

THE DIVIDE (6 Fast-Travel Destinations):
  • Added "Re-Dematerialization Terminals". The terminals have no access requirements. However, they can only be traveled between once they are "awakened" by the player.
  • While the divide isn't very "small", it is very linear. There aren't many side/discoverable locations like the other DLCs have. Because of this, I was more conservative with the placement of the terminals. They can be found at each of the "checkpoints".

MOJAVE WASTELAND+ (3 *New* Fast-Travel Destinations):
  • Added Canyon Wreckage, Northern Passage, and Abandoned BOS Bunker to the list of locations the Mojave Transporters offer.
  • Decorated Pueblo Manifesto (and a few Transporter spots) with the DLC assets.

TTW Version:

iTransporters, Eyebots tasked with automating the Capital Wasteland, can be found at every safe settlement and a few points of interest. For the places deemed unsafe, the iTransporters have "Moleholes" set up to shield them from the surface, while supplying those who find themselves in these precarious places with a safe means of transportation. They work identically to their Mojave counterparts. Includes everything from Standard + DLC, with the addition of supporting Tale of Two Wastelands. 

CAPITAL WASTELAND (~40 Fast-Travel Destinations):
  • - Adds ~40 locations to be traveled to and fro. Travel distance and fare price can be improved by purchasing a "DC Premium Travel Membership".
  • iTransporters are fully voiced.
  • "Moleholes" have been added to points of interest and work the same as the iTransporters. They give off a green smoke signal so they could be easily found.
  • The Premium Travel Membership can be purchased directly from an Eyebot. Unlike their Mojave counterparts, there isn't a central hub for the Transporters to reside in the Capital Wasteland.
  • Mod Configuration Menu Support. Travel Range and Price Multiplier for TTW can be changed as you please.

POINT LOOKOUT (11 Fast-Travel Destinations):
  • Point Lookout transporting has been implemented into the mod!
  • Added "Essence of Punga"! The Essence of Punga can be crafted at a campfire/hotplate using x2 Wild Punga Fruit and x1 Turpentine, and it allows you to go on a Punga-fueled trip to certain discovered locations within PL.



  • I've deleted/edited parts of the landscape South of Novac (near Highway 95).
  • This mod adds a little campsite on the outskirts of most of the vanilla settlements and Moleholes in remote areas.
  • Moved one of the commissaries in The Divide over about a foot.
  • This mod doesn't change any TTW/Vanilla files, therefore, it should be compatible with everything.
Incompatibilities are bound to exist, however, I don't expect them to cause much of a problem.
That being said, I am willing to make compatibility patches as I see fit. Just leave a comment, or even, shoot me a DM.


Q: Can I use this with a save that has data from the previous installation?
A: Yes and no.  If you used the previous TTW version (SD_Transporters TTW.esp), you will need to follow these steps to avoid bugs. Vanilla and DLC versions should be fine.

Q: TTW Support?
A: Done. Included.

Q: DLC Support?
A: Done. Included.

Q: TTW DLC Support?
A: Only Point Lookout.

Q: FCO Support?
A: Thanks Avolnall. <- click here.

Q: “...[can you] add the option to only fast travel to a location after discovering it?” 
A: The Transporters are meant to mirror the Skyrim Carriages (very loosely), so they'll take you to well-traveled settlements without needing to discover. Moleholes on the other hand need to be found before they can be transported to/from, they're located at places of interest or places of danger.

Q: "...[can you make a version that] strips all the new dialogue away and just uses vanilla voice lines so it fits better in the world. "
A: No, I spent a long time on this mod, and I spent even longer trying to find time to voice act with my friends. The work we put into this mod is a testament to our friendship <3.


  1. Requires NVSE, JIP LN NVSE Plugin, and Mod Configuration Menu.

  2. Download “SD_Transporters.zip”.

  3. Install the file through your favorite mod manager -> you can choose your preferred version through the mod installer.

  4. Boom! You’re done!


Please give these individuals a download or an endorsement.

Voice Work, done by my friends and me.
  • 1zzMaleAdult01 - Me
  • 1zzMaleAdult02 - Gage M.
  • 1zzMaleAdult03 - Zachary A.