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A quick patch to move the Mobile Truck Base from just outside of Megaton's walls to the Springvale gas station. Designed for use with Springvale Garage.

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When fast traveling to Megaton in your Mobile Truck Base, you'll end up right outside of the gate. Sounds great! That is, unless you inhabit the Springvale Garage. If you're like me, you'll find yourself running back and forth just to transfer some items. How tedious. It's time to change that once and for all.

This mod will change the GPS destination from just outside of Megaton's walls to the Springvale gas station. The GPS menu has been updated to reflect this. Furthermore, this patch is designed to be used with Springvale Garage.

NOTE: If your MTB is already parked outside of Megaton when this patch is installed, you will need to travel to a different destination before you can relocate to Springvale.

Compatibility: This patch is almost certain to be incompatible with any mod that directly modifies MTB's components such as messages/scripts. Sound replacers will work fine.

Uninstallation: as simple as removing the plugin. However, this might cause your MTB to completely disappear when you load your save, particularly if you were already parked in Springvale. To recover it, enter coc 00tdxVanInterior into your console. This will teleport you to the MTB interior, from here you can use the GPS to travel anywhere.

Recommended: As the Mobile Truck Base's default sounds kinda suck, I created a sound replacer. You can find that here: Mobile Truck Base SFX Enhancer

This mod has been tested on the following versions:

TTW 3.3.2
TTW - Springvale Garage 1.5
Mobile Truck Base 3.3 community preview edition 1.1