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Integrates Cyberware 2281 and Just Assorted Mods, allowing their gameplay features to interact in similar fashion to the old Project Nevada Core and Cyberware modules. Reintroduces and expands on the cut Wired Synapses implant. Works with both Just Assorted Mods and the relevant individual Just Mods.

Permissions and credits
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--- Requirements ---

  1. Cyberware 2281 - v1.3.3 or newer.
  2. Just Assorted Mods or the individual submods: Just Vanilla Sprint, Just Hold Breath, Just Bullet Time - v4.2h or newer.
  3. New Vegas Script Extender - v6.2.4 or newer.
  4. JIP LN NVSE - v56.40 or newer.
  5. JohnnyGuitar NVSE - v4.35 or newer.
  6. Mod Configuration Menu

--- About ---

Project Nevada is an iconic mod. Over time, its core gameplay features have been recreated with modern scripting techniques and functions. However, one strength of Project Nevada that has not been carried over is the original's ability to have its sub-features easily interact with each other.

This mod was made in an attempt to bring back some of that interaction to the modernized alternatives. Specifically, it allows Cyberware 2281 by Eddoursul and Just Assorted Mods by yvileapsis to affect each other in-game. The Wired Synapses implant - originally cut from Cyberware 2281 due to the removal of Project Nevada's bullet time - has been reintroduced and expanded further. These interactions are explained in more detail below and were drawn from their equivalents in the original Project Nevada. Exact numbers for the new bonuses and penalties can be customized in the MCM interface.

Extended gameplay options focused on Hardcore mode's primary needs have also been introduced, new to both the original and modernized versions. Like the numbers for the base features, these can be adjusted and disabled to taste. For those using Custom Health and AP Visuals by EPDGaffney, a custom low-AP visual effect is available, meant to better present the implied in-game strain of using these Cyberware-enhanced JAM abilities.

--- Features ---

* Just Vanilla Sprint
** Synthetic Lungs reduces AP drain (default -25%)
** Kinetic Accelerator (Both Legs) further increases sprint speed (default +25%)
** Option: Sprint can now increase Starvation and Sleep Deprivation meters in addition to Dehydration

* Just Hold Breath
** Synthetic Lungs reduces AP drain (default -50%)

* Just Bullet Time
** [New Implant] Wired Synapses increases bullet time slowdown (default +20%)
** Wired Synapses can be overclocked for improved performance at the cost of overheating
** If critically overheated, inflicts severe penalties on the user unless surgically removed and repaired
** Option: Bullet Time can now increase Dehydration, Starvation and Sleep Deprivation meters

--- New Implant: Wired Synapses ---

The Wired Synapses implant - one of the original Project Nevada implants that was cut from Cyberware 2281 - has been re-implemented in this mod. The baseline unit increases Just Bullet Time's slowdown effect. It can be found in the world where you'd expect: near one of the few people still well acquainted with pre-War cybernetics and neuroscience.

Wired Synapses can be overclocked at a workbench, provided you have high Science (75+) and the necessary parts (Scrap Electronics and Max Charge ECP). When the overclocked unit is installed, bullet time grants you the following effects:

  • Increased time dilation (adjustable in the MCM interface)
  • Reduced AP drain (scaling with Perception and Intelligence)
  • Evading attacks, represented by increased DR (scaling with Perception, Intelligence, Agility)

The overclocked unit will overheat with use, which is not a problem to overlook considering it's installed in your head. The more you use it, the more damage it will inflict on your Head limb condition. Should the rest of your body become more damaged, the strain on your parasympathetic nervous system will further accelerate the heat buildup.

When the implant critically overheats, it will burn out and inflict catastrophic penalties until surgically removed:

  • Heavily reduced SPECIAL stats, except Luck
  • Halved accuracy, both manual aim and VATS
  • Reduced AP regeneration
  • Reduced run speed
  • Weaker low-light vision and more sensitivity to bright lights

Once surgically removed, the damaged unit can be repaired back to the baseline unit. You can then overclock it again. You can also downclock an overclocked model back to baseline.

--- Things to Be Aware Of ---

  • There is an RNG element to a critical overheat but it's the predictable sort of RNG. The implant will overheat when the Head part is crippled during bullet time. There is also a chance to overheat when bullet time is activated and the condition is already low. Your risk is greatly reduced as long as you maintain Head limb condition above 20%.
  • CyberJAM will work with either Just Assorted Mods or the relevant individual Just Mods. However, they must be version 4.2h or newer. None of the functions will work otherwise.
  • Most settings are customizable in the MCM interface. Including the visual and audio effects, which depending on taste are either fine or annoying.
  • The default perk icons were made using Consistent Pip-Boy Icons' templates, which are 512x512 and require a UI that can handle icon scaling. If you use vanilla UI or a UI mod that doesn't handle scaling, you will probably need to download the optional vanilla icons file.
  • The screen visual effects for any of the three states of the Wired Synapses implant will not work when using ENB.
  • GECK auto-sorts the Perk effects list when saving. I used xEdit to manually reorder the effects list for Cyberware's Kinetic Accelerator (Legs) perk, which is referenced by one of CyberJAM's functions. If you edit CyberJAM and save the changes using the GECK rather than xEdit, that order will likely reset and the function will no longer be setting the correct Perk entry value.

--- Recommended Mods ---

  • Custom Health and AP Visuals by EPDGaffney. When you combine that mod's low health/AP visuals, the vanilla crippled Head effects and CyberJAM's fried synapses effect, your screen will definitely look like how your Courier feels. There's a custom low AP effect in the optional files that uses its framework.
  • Consistent Pip-Boy Icons by ItsMeJesusHChrist. The new perk icons were made using CPI's templates and will look best when used with a UI that handles icon scaling.
  • lStewieAl's Tweaks by lStewieAl. There are various settings that add AP costs to actions, which should make combat more strategic. You can also tweak the Hardcore needs meter buildup with the gamesettings overwrite feature. Combine that with the optional Hardcore needs buildup in CyberJAM, crank up the effect multipliers and you can play as a wasteland cyborg fueled by fast food and hard drugs.

--- Installation ---

Use any of the mod managers or manually make your own package. To install manually, extract the downloaded archive into the [ Fallout New Vegas\Data ] directory but I recommend using a manager. Make sure all the requirements are up to date and properly set up. Even if you have all the required versions, there will be a one-time automatic message to remind you about having Just Assorted Mods v4.2h or newer.

A config INI file will be automatically generated if missing. You can save settings to it or load new settings from an existing one.

--- Uninstallation ---

In-game, surgically uninstall and remove the Wired Synapses implant. Uninstall using your mod manager. If you installed manually, delete "CyberJAM.esp", the "Config\CyberJAM.ini" file, the "nvse\plugins\scripts\gl_CyberJAM.txt" file and the "Textures\cyberjam\" folder from your "Fallout New Vegas\Data\" directory.

--- Credits ---

Eddoursul for Cyberware 2281 and all his other mods, which you can now find on his site: https://eddoursul.win/ Thank you for the clear tutorials and for going the extra mile in setting up the bootstrap implant system in Cyberware.

yvileapsis for Just Assorted Mods and for being so accommodating with my requests for external mod support. The implementation here wouldn't be possible otherwise and I learned a lot of cool scripting tricks in the process.

ItsMeJesusHChrist for Consistent Pip-Boy Icons as well as the templates and source files he provides. The icons were a breeze to make thanks to him.

The Project Nevada team, whose assets were fortunately included in Cyberware 2281 even if they were not all used, allowing them to be reintegrated in CyberJAM.

And last but not least, thanks for reading this entire description. Let me know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions. :^)