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Animated B-29 Superfortress

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This Animation has 29 Moving parts - the landing gear will retract and deploy - the vertical Rudder moves - The Turrets Rotate throughout the animation - the wheels moves - various panels open and close on the aircraft. The aircraft is a physics object which can be blown up (but its remains will be scattered at its default position)

Adds a plane which flies around nellis Air force base - super simple mod - contains one asset and an ESP to place it in the world - nothing else is touched - just install in your preferred manner and its good to go. 
This mod has no requirements

Long mod description 
at Nellis Air Force Base with this mod installed you will see a B-29 Superfortress flying around the base. This Aircraft does come with collision so you best stand out the way when it is taking off. Please be aware that this animation does not have any sounds at the moment, I do have versions which have sound but they are so very poor that I would rather it didn't have any at all. it is also important to note that this isn't just something that you can look at, it is a physics object which has "moving collision", I am also under the impression that this aircraft can be destroyed given you fire enough rounds into it. This also in the future could very easily be triggered on completion of the appropriate quest, but as of now this is a always existing air show. 

also I must say that this was made the way it was due to various parameters imposed on me by the game, such as the sky Box limiting how far the aircraft can fly away from the player before it goes outside the "sky", and because of this, the aircraft has some very dramatic turns during landing and take off. 

The driving sequence is noticeably bad, I did try various tactics to smooth this part of the animation  out, however I have run out of time to work on this. but if this mod is liked, then I might be inclined to come back at some point in the future and sort it all out.

This red square roughly indicates the start location of the object. This is important for you to know as the Aircraft will only be visible if this section of the map is loaded in, so your FNV settings will dictate how far away you may observe the aircraft. I say this as many of you may get worried as you approach nellisAFB and have no vision of the object.as

Install with your Mod manager or do it manually.

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