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A new set of Armour For legion players with Levelled List integration. very lightweight mod, just contains a Legion merchant who sells the new modular armour and armour set.

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Update 2022 - 09 - 24
Only for users of the merchant version of this mod - adds a brand new Legion Assembled Armor which I have called "Legion authoritative Armor"   This version of the armour was requested by many users and is an augmented version of the regular "legion conquest armour". it is merely a version which has added the power armour seen usually on the right arm to the left also. this augmentation comes with ofcourse an increase in stats and a significant cost increase for the Red colour variant, with the regular colour being cheaper and with lesser stats. 

Update 24/10/2021
fixed first person clipping issues on the "all in one armour" - 

Update 19/08/2021
fixed a transparency issue, which happened with the "no neck guard" centurion helmet variant.

thanks to  Austman22 & AnirbanTheBest for running testing and confirming the update works.

Update 08/08/2021
adds the legion Overcoat as an independent piece of armour. (not in the levelled list version yet) - Check the last two screenshots for reference 

Optional Update 07/08/2021  Levelled List integration - 
Adds an alternative ESP which adds the armour to Legion Levelled lists and some vendors - What does this mean?

The armour now has a chance to appear on legion soldiers, and it can also sometimes be purchased from vendors, such as from Chet at the good springs general store. 

Mod explanation- 
Very simple mod which only adds new stuff so is compatible with mostly everything. it contains a bunch of armour components which you can equip over other armour, allowing you to create custom stuff! I have also made an "assembled" NCR ranger Centurion Armour. This armour was created using parts taken from the armour intended for the female body, and therefore will be more fitting on a female character, however it can be used on males and look almost identical. 

You can find the armour at the legion Raid Camp, a Soldier in the storage tent will sell it to you. link for location info = https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Legion_raid_camp.

List of new Armour.
  • CenturionRangerAmour
  • LegionCombatArmourAlternativeColor
  • LegionCombatArmour
  • leftArmArmour
  • ChestArmour 
  • AshensLegionNCRHelmet
  • HelmetNoneckguard
  • ShinGuardArmour 
  • ThighGuard 
  • LeftShoulder
  • RightShoulder
  • GdoinGuard 
  • AdjustableChestBand 
  • thanks LegionCombatOvercoatAlternativeColor  

  • Nexus
  • Nifskope
  • blender
  • obsidian/bethesda - the assets used in this are just a mashup of their assets
  • Blender nif extentsion
  • Geck
  • Geck extender
  • NVSE 
  • Imgur 
  • Youtube
  • niftools
  • M.C. Tammer 
  • and testing and screenshots done by multiple users