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A new set of Armour For legion players with Levelled List integration. very lightweight mod, just contains a Legion merchant who sells the new modular armour and armour set.

Permissions and credits

Update 19/08/2021
fixed a transparency issue, which happened with the "no neck guard" centurion helmet variant.

thanks to  Austman22 & AnirbanTheBest for running testing and confirming the update works.

Update 08/08/2021
adds the legion Overcoat as an independent piece of armour. (not in the levelled list version yet) - Check the last two screenshots for reference 

Optional Update 07/08/2021  Levelled List integration - 
Adds an alternative ESP which adds the armour to Legion Levelled lists and some vendors - What does this mean?

The armour now has a chance to appear on legion soldiers, and it can also sometimes be purchased from vendors, such as from Chet at the good springs general store. 

Mod explanation- 
Very simple mod which only adds new stuff so is compatible with mostly everything. it contains a bunch of armour components which you can equip over other armour, allowing you to create custom stuff! I have also made an "assembled" NCR ranger Centurion Armour.  also an issue with the "assembled armour" is first person clipping, a part of the armour will appear while in first person, but everything else is good. 

You can find the armour at the legion Raid Camp, a Soldier in the storage tent will sell it to you. link for location info = https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Legion_raid_camp.

List of new Armour.
  • CenturionRangerAmour
  • LegionCombatArmourAlternativeColor
  • LegionCombatArmour
  • leftArmArmour
  • ChestArmour 
  • AshensLegionNCRHelmet
  • HelmetNoneckguard
  • ShinGuardArmour 
  • ThighGuard 
  • LeftShoulder
  • RightShoulder
  • GroinGuard 
  • AdjustableChestBand 
  • LegionCombatOvercoatAlternativeColor  

Not that important, but I do have a little group chat set up to talk about my modding and what not, so if you would like to join to keep up to date with what I am doing or want to help out, then feel free to pop by and say hi https://discord.gg/uaxEyduew3 .

  • Nexus
  • Nifskope
  • blender
  • obsidian/bethesda - the assets used in this are just a mashup of their assets
  • Blender nif extentsion
  • Geck
  • Geck extender
  • NVSE 
  • Imgur 
  • Youtube
  • niftools
  • M.C. Tammer 
  • and testing and screenshots done by multiple users