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Replacers those big bulky barriers with something I prefer . no ESP used

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Just an asset replacer - espless mod. 

A few days ago I was thinking about what I dislike most in Fallout new Vegas. and for some reasons these big bulky barriers were one of the main things, thought I would share the assets I made to replace them in case anyone else had the same sentiment. you can consider this a WIP even though the mod works in its current state. any suggestions for change will be greatly appreciated. This mod will change 84 assets in game.

also - thanks to lewis1678 for screenshots and testing!

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  • Nexus and the nexus community
  • Nifskope
  • blender
  • obsidian/bethesda - the assets used in this are just a mashup of their assets
  • Blender nif extentsion
  • Geck
  • Geck extender
  • NVSE 
  • Imgur 
  • Youtube
  • niftools
  • and all you, but especially dream for Gifting me Premium  :)