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NVSE plugin that alters, restores and changes gameplay features.

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NVSE plugin that alters, restores and changes gameplay features.

- bTimeMultChanges - with this option enabled, mods will no longer directly modify global time multiplier bur rather modify their own 'local' time multipliers based on which the resulting value is calculated. This allows for various mods altering time multiplier at the same time to be compatible automatically. Additionally, this makes such mods compatible with Kill Cam and Turbo.
Mods, altering time multiplier:
- Just Bullet Time
- Just Weapon Hweel - in combat.
- VATS Alternative
- Solid Project - in combat, with the weapon wheel.
- The Frontier - in multiple cutscenes.
- JIP Companions Command and Control - with slow motion mode enabled.

- bFixExplosionPushForce - with this option enabled, force of the explosions will scale both with distance (like explosion damage) and with actual force of the explosion's baseform.

- bRestoreSpreadGameSettings - with this option enabled, gamesettings controlling the spread value on weapon forms will be restored, allowing one to make a mod that adds progressive weapon spread affected by weapon deterioration.

- bArmedUnarmed - with this option enabled, Melee and Unarmed weapons will shoot if they have projectile node and consume ammo if they have an ammo list. By default those weapons only consume ammo and shoot projectiles during power attacks, but with HasScope flag they will do so for each swing.