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A bullet time alternative to VATS. Accounts for all VATS related perks, loading screens, weapon AP costs, tutorials - EVERYTHING. Customisable and lightweight. Vanilla VATS is still usable, too. Supports Tale of Two Wastelands.

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V.A.T.S. Alternative
Dead Money
Honest Hearts
Lonesome Road
New Vegas Script Extender


This mod is a comprehensive alternative to VATS, replacing it with a slow-motion bullet time feature (though you can still use VATS as well if you choose to). You can choose between a key-based activation mode - where you can trigger bullet time by pressing a key with a weapon drawn - and an aiming based mode - where bullet time is activated automatically whenever you aim in combat.

Bullet time consumes action points at a rate dependent on the usual VATS AP cost of your weapon. A novelty option allows you to set a lower slowdown rate for your character than that of the rest of the world, kinda like Turbo. This will only affect your movement, attack and reload speed, but it should still give you a nice edge in bullet time. You can also enable bonuses to your character while in bullet time similar to those of regular VATS mod, based on the game settings that control them. Namely, increased critical chance, damage resistance, and melee damage.

Controller support is also possible through the use of JIP LN NVSE Plugin's controller emulation feature.

One of the things that always put me off using bullet time mods instead of VATS was that it left too many loose ends. VATS perks were never accounted for - so they were useless - and the game would still mention VATS regularly even though I wasn't using it. This mod fixes these issues.

For a start, vanilla VATS is disabled by default. In my opinion, if you're using a bullet time mod, you don't need VATS anymore - otherwise you just resort to using VATS to get easy head-shots when the enemy gets to close (let's be honest). That's overpowered in my opinion. But hey - using the MCM you can choose to re-enable VATS if you wish.

Next, all VATS perks are accounted for (even the one from Tale of Two Wastelands and no patch is required). They will all have alternative effects which make them useful outside of VATS. The Mysterious Stranger and Miss Fortune are also covered. They can both turn up to help you in combat in real-time! Their appearance and disappearance even comes complete with all the sound effects and can be affected by the Friendly Help reward perk as usual. All perk descriptions, and any loading screens mentioning them, will reflect the changes.

Speaking of loading screens - all references to VATS in loading screens, help menus, and tutorials are removed and the text is edited to make sense without it.


Pretty much the entirety of version 2.0 onward was done by miguick and so all credit goes to him. Thanks very much for your help and for vastly improving this mod!

Installation / Uninstallation

This mod requires:

Please ensure you have the latest version of each before submitting a bug report.

Install using your preferred method and check the plugin file. You can configure the mod using the MCM menu.

Again, this mod makes it's changes by a script so there shouldn't be any compatibility issue with the overwhelming majority of mods. Use FNVEdit to check.

Uninstalling this mod requires no special procedure - simply uncheck/remove the file. There are no permanent effects on your game saves.


Many of this mod's features are implemented by script so there should be very little incompatibility with other mods.

ALL perk effects, either changed or added by other mods, are accounted for in the calculations for not just AP costs, but for everything you can imagine relative to them, thanks to JIP LN's powerful GetPerkModifier function.

Perks which have new outside-of-VATS effects, or whose description states they are VATS-exclusive were directly modified so that this mod is easier to patch. Mods which edit the same perks will conflict but putting this mod lower down in your load order should be fine in the majority of cases.

FNVEdit can be used to check compatibility and resolve conflicts in cases where loading later will not suffice (if you find any instances where this is the case, feel free to notify me and I'll see if I need to create an official patch).

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