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This project is dedicated to:
  • My Friends from Nexus and LL Who Helped Me All Over These Years;
  • Arina;
  • Batman;
  • My ukulele;
  • and you.
Before downloading and installing the mod I suggest you read the description page. We spent so much time developing this project and we deserve that you as a user took your time to read description thoughtfully. All users who ask questions answers to whose are written in description or my sticked posts will be banned from all my files.

Please do not vote for this file as file of the month - it's merely  a combination of Animation Project and Lazarus Project with bug fixes, optimization and improvement of some features.
Most of the praise should come to DecerBW for redoing almost all first person and third person animations.


If you have Lazarus Project or Animation Project installed - you need to remove them from load order - otherwise Solid Project will not load.

Lazarus Project and Animation Project are now outdated and no longer supported.



This mod aims to improve your Fallout:NV experience. It features new gameplay mechanics from most recent FPS games. It's combination of Lazarus Project and Animation Project.

Features from Animation Project:

Combat Takedowns -  you can perform non-lethal and lethal combat and sneaking takedowns.
Combat rolls - perform combat rolls to evade an attack or get closer to enemy.
Animated sprint -  you can sprint with brand new animations. You can tackle enemies by pressing "Attack" button while sprinting.
Animated Ingestibles - When you take Stimpak, Super Stimpak, MedX, Tourniquet, Jet, Vodka, Whiskey - PC will play first person animation.
Object grabbing - Special animation plays when you activate objects or open doors.
Animated Landing -Landing animation when you fall.
Melee Combat - Perform melee hits with your ranged weapon in first person.

Features from Lazarus Project:

Wheel menu - new HUD item selection menu which allows you to quickly equip Item\Weapon or consume an ingestible.
Gamemode Companion Wheel - Appears instead of vanilla companion wheel. Works with custom companions. You can disable it for particular companion if needed.
VATS Criticals - similar to Fallout4 when you hit enemy in VATS you build up a critical meter. When it's full you can execute a devastating attack on enemy (Usual attack + 4x of base weapon damage) and enemy target below heal threshold (30% by default) will be killed instantly. It does NOT override vanilla criticals.
Ladder climbing - climb ladders. Can be switched off for non-vanilla ladders.
Visual Objectives  (+ New Dishonored 2 Objective Markers)- places floating markers over quest objectives automatically. You can change color of the arrows and their size according to their distance to player.
FO4 Dynamic Crosshair -Turns vanilla reticle into FO4 Crosshair and makes activation prompt into FO4 one.
FO4 Radiation Meter - Replaces vanilla radiation meter with FO4 one.
Hit marker - displays hit marker when you hit an enemy.
Hit Indicator- displays indicator when you are hit by enemy.
Real Time Equipper - you can equip\unequip items, consume ingestibles,attach\remove weapon mods and drop items in real time. Also used to store items to Wheel menu.
Item Previewer - Emulates Fallout4 preview item menu. When you pick up an item you'll be able to inspect it before taking it in your inventory.


When you first load a savegame with Solid Project you will see initialization menu where you will be able to choose what features you want to use.
Features you chose will be enabled by default on any other clean save (savegame previously not loaded with Solid Project active).
If you want to change your default settings you need to hold "backspace" for 4 seconds in main menu until you see the message "Solid Project::Initialization reset. Load Solid Project with any clean save."
All features can be enabled and disabled in MCM menu at any time during gameplay.

You have 2 hotkey buttons

1) Lazarus Project hotkey button ("K" by default). You can use it to invoke Real Time Equipper. You can make it invoke Wheel Menu by ticking "Invoke by" in  "Main" subsection of "Solid Project#2" MCM submenu . Also you can use it to add\remove companions from ban list for Gamemode Dialogues. (you need to have companion in your crosshair)
2) Animation Project hotkey button ("L" by default). You can use it to initiate takedowns.
To sprint press "Shift" by default.

Solid Project has means to retrieve text from game settings so I can use user's localization entries which means that simple words like "Category", "Armor", "Aid" will be written in your language. To activate this tick "Use translation" in  "Main" subsection of "Solid Project#1"in MCM menu. Unfortunately not all needed text is contained in game localization so I asked members of Nexus community to translate remaining UI entries in following languages:Russian, German, Spanish, French. Choose translation in same MCM menu.

(Animation Project)


(Lazarus Project)


NVSE 5.1b2
JIP LN NVSE Plugin >V51.2
MCM menu (Optional)


- Why did you merge all features into one package?
- Because I wanted to release a big project,
the quintessence of all my work before I retire from F:NV modding community.

- Will you release standalone version of N? (N == any feature in this mod)
- No.

- Will you release this mod for Fallout3?
- No.
FOSE lacks NVSE and JiP plugin functions. Use TTW.

- Will you release this mod for Skyrim\Fallout4?
- No. Skyrim and Fallout4 utilize different script language (papyrus).

- Will you make new features in the future?
- Unlikely because I no longer have time for it. I will concentrate on  merely maintaining this project.

- I see 4 arms while sprinting if playing with Enhanced Camera Mod.
- Enable "No hands for Unarmed FP" in MCM menu. It is enabled automatically on first game load if you have Enhanced Camera mod installed.

Lutana plugin (Gamepad support)

If you use a controller - Lazarus Project will pick it up automatically. No special activation needed. You can disable controller detection in MCM menu.


Solid Project does NOT edit any vanilla records.

Animated Sprint is not compatible with PN sprint and you will be given a choice to switch off Project Nevada sprint from message which appears on game load only one time.DO NOT use Project Nevada Sprint and Solid Project Sprint at the same time - this will cause serious issues.

Solid Project's animation features are not compatible with Behaviours - Idles Headtracking Run etc. because of technical issues.

Gamemode dialogue wheel will not work well with any "Talk" mods like "Small talk", "SmallerTalk","Forced talk" or "AfterTalk".

Wheel menu slow-mo might not be compatible with SuperHot (Redone) or Project Nevada bullet time (but only if you enable "Slow-mo" option in MCM menu).

For modders:
NOTE:: I've left all name of events unchanged from Lazarus Project and Animation Project.

Solid Project has means to communicate with other mods. Main tool is the multipurpose function for external use which will help you gain access to mod's variables to make our mods compatible with each other. You will need NVSE for it.

Do NOT affect any variables in this mod - in future updates you might break it. Contact me if you want new functions or function requests.


TommInfinite - for Scripting;
Decer aka Asurah - for Animations and meshes;
ILikeToPunch - for Animations;
DoctaSax - for help with scripting;
hlp - for invaluable help.
NVSE team - for making NVSE;
jazzisparis and luthienanarion- for JIP LN NVSE;
Hitman47101 - for animations and meshes;
Fallout2AM - for general idea (for Sprint);
Ladez for helping me with XML;
Kontra405 for new hit marker;
broccolimonster for new DOOM Wheel and Icons;
AnsaarTGB for making arrow meshes!;
CyrusMonroe for making "Battlefield" marker;
BungoPL for making new markers!;
Jokerine for testing and pointing out some issues!;
rickerhk for a script tip;
Charmareian for permission to include his UI textures into Lazarus Project;
7thNighthawk for German translation;
MoonALM for French translation;
mdbakpo for Spanish translation.

Assets used:
Hitman47101 First Person Rig.
Hitman47101's 1st-person animations (MedX, Jet, Tourniquet, Vodka, Whiskey) and weapon meshes from Animation Resources by Hitman47101 and Fallout2AM

All permissions to use these assets in this project are valid on the time of it's release.