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Restores the cut outflow jets to Hoover Dam and makes them visible up & down the Colorado.

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Hoover Dam Jets Restored and Distant v1.0
Author: zedas
April 23, 2021

Not long after New Vegas' release, for some reason (probably consoles), Obsidian cut the cool jets of water that come out just below Hoover Dam. I was pretty miffed when playing my game one day I found they had disappeared. Cut to many years later and I now know how to fix things like this. This mod restores the cut jets, and makes them visible from a distance in places you would likely see them from. I've also adjusted the sound effects to make the jets a bit more audible.
What does it do exactly?
-Disables original statics completely and replaces them with activators to use with imposter region
-Creates one imposter region (xx000802)
-Adds region to MANY cells
-Creates six edited, more audible sound emitters

1) Use your mod organizer or unzip it in the data folder.
2) Set to load early, as the mods changes aren't all that important in the grand scheme of things

Compatibility/Known Issues:

-This mod makes a top level edit to add a region to A LOT of cells. If you have something like maybe a weather mod, or a mod the does stuff next to the Colorado there could be conflicts. Check in xEdit, conflict resolution for this is pretty easy just drag and drop a region.
(I didn't have any conflicts myself, but I don't go too crazy with ye olde mods)

-This mod is 100% compatible with Yukichigai Unofficial Patch at date 04/23/2021.
-This mod MUST be loaded after New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets as they both edit the jets and one will overwrite the other.
-This mod MUST be loaded after Uncut Wasteland as they both edit the jets and one will overwrite the other.

-A patch is provided for users of Much Needed LOD as the mod has static LOD meshes for the jets which may get picked up during LOD generation causing visual discrepancies.

-A patch is provided for users of Functional Post Game Ending to fix a conflict between the two mods.
Load order should be FPGE -> FPGE addons & patches, Distant Water Jets -> Distant Water Jets - FPGE Patch

Issue: The jets MIGHT stop animating if you travel to a certain distance from them. It will resolve itself if traveling further away, travelling closer, or potentially changing between indoor and outdoor cells. This is a known engine bug and is detailed on the GECK Wiki here under 'Special Render'

Any comments, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or pointers will be greatly appreciated. Please leave them in the comments section or send  
me a message.

See tab above /\

- user A.deathy at freesound.org for extra waterfall sound
- Elminster & others for xEdit without which making these mods would be a frickin nightmare
- Roy Batty - nukem - lStewieAl - jazzisparis - LuthienAnarion - carxt for GECK Extender which saves a lot of headache in the G.E.C.K.
- Obsidian and Bethesda for Fallout New Vegas and the tools to allow me to muck with it.