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A simple, highly compatible overhaul of New Vegas's economy, aiming to make buying and selling more rewarding and plausible.

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Economy Overhaul
All Official DLC (except Courier's Stash)



Economy Overhaul offers an alternative, tougher, but (in my opinion) a more rewarding economy for New Vegas. I always thought that it was incredibly easy to make caps in New Vegas, more so than in Fallout 3 due to the high value of weapons and apparel. You can quickly be granted wealth beyond measure (outlander) by stripping fallen raiders of their weapons and reselling them to the nearest merchant. I much prefer the idea of a lower-value economy, where these items cost less, but you have less to spend on them. Where do merchants keep all those caps, anyway?


Value Overhaul

The value of apparel, weapons, and weapons mods have been drastically lowered. The value of other inventory items has also been reduced, with the magnitude of the reduction being dependent on the item's original value. Low-value items are affected much less than high-value items. This is carried out by a script which runs once when you start your game, and it covers all items, even those added by mods. The script is in my characteristic streamlined fashion, so there should be little to no performance impact. No record edits are involved in this element of the mod, hence compatibility is not an issue.

Cheaper Repair Costs

The vanilla cost of fully repairing a completely broken piece of equipment at a merchant was 200% of the item's base cost. 200%!!! You mean it's cheaper to buy a new item?!

Yes, yes it is. I had a similar situation with a toaster once. Economy Overhaul lowers this to 100%. Now you'll no longer need to spend an arm and a leg to keep your trusty toasters in good nick.

Vendor and Caravan Player Caps

The amount of cash merchants and caravan players have to toss about has been reduced, such that even if you do manage to lug all those Laser RCWs and 10mm Pistols back to the Gun Runners, there's no guarantee that you'll be able to sell them all. Mostly this is just a plausibility change - generally merchants will still have plenty to trade with you.

Casinos and Other Large Rewards

To preserve the new economy, Economy Overhaul lowers the amount of caps you can get from:

  • Casino jackpots,
  • Snow Globe rewards,
  • The Sierra Madre Complimentary Voucher,
  • The Legion Denarii dropboxes in the recurring Caesar's Favour quest.

Full Customisability

Version 3 of Economy Overhaul comes with the option for full customisability of all features. See the Customisation section below.


Fallout 3 Economy follows a similar concept, but decreases values more drastically than Economy Overhaul does. I've provided an optional INI config that makes Economy Overhaul's values almost identical to Fallout 3 Economy's.


This mod requires:


Version 3 of Economy Overhaul features optional INI customisation of all the mod's features, including the option to turn each feature off entirely. The INI is provided as an optional download and is not required to use the mod, as the default settings are built-in to the scripts.

If you mess with settings in the INI, you may disrupt the intended balance of the mod, just so you're aware. The default settings are intended to give the best economy balance.

I have also included an optional INI that aligns the mod settings to similar to those in Fallout 3 Economy by TrueVoidWalker, but with Economy Overhaul's additional features and value rounding enabled. Because of Fallout 3 Economy's lower item values, I have also decreased some of the quest rewards slightly more than Economy Overhaul's default settings.


This mod can be safety uninstalled at any time and will have no permanent effects on your game.

My Mods

I spend a lot of time creating and supporting my mods, so any donations are gratefully received.