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Makes the GRA unique weapons unavailable for purchase and scatters them across the Mojave, Zion, and the Big MT - just like all the other unique weapons.

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  • Mandarin
If you downloaded one of the "Balanced" versions of this mod prior to version 1.20 (before Feb. 18, 2020), please update. The old versions essentially broke the MF Hyperbreeder Alpha due to the way GECK handles decimal ammo regen rates.

This mod takes all of the unique weapons added by the Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC and scatters them across the Mojave, Zion, and the Big MT. Most simply exist as placed objects, but a few are found being used by NPCs. I did my best to place them in locations that make sense. None of the locations are cells that already have another unique weapon in the vanilla game (although there are one or two in close proximity).

Inside the following spoiler tag are some comments from the author on why I chose the locations that I did. Spoilers for all locations, of course.
Bozar: Being a throwback weapon to the older isometric Fallout games, I figured it would be fitting to place the weapon in the care of a Super Mutant. After all, the Mojave's Super Mutants were once in the Master's service, so it's not unthinkable that perhaps the Bozar fell into the possession of one of them.
Cleansing Flame: Very few characters use flamers, but I thought it would be an interesting addition to the Ultra-Luxe Kitchen if there were a special flamer sitting around in storage that the cooks only bring out for certain recipes. Initially I wanted to give it to one of the cooks that stand around flaming the brahmins, but I didn't want the player to have to kill one of them or even rid them of their weapon by non-lethal means.
Embrace of the Mantis King: I knew immediately that I wanted this weapon to be wielded by a named White Legs character, but the only one in Honest Hearts is Salt-Upon-Wounds, so I had to make up my own. Being "missable" comes with the territory seeing as the player can exterminate the White Legs, but the weapon didn't really feel like it fit among the Dead Horses or Sorrows (nor did I want to force the player to kill or steal from them). It's one of the more forgettable GRA uniques, so I was willing to place it on a "missable" NPC for that flair of giving the White Legs another named "mini-boss" and weapon.
Esther: Something that makes a big boom has to be with the Boomers, right? It's in the Nellis Workshop in poor condition because I figure it's a pet project of some Boomer with a few mini-nukes lying around for when he or she finally gets it up and going.
Gehenna: A dead prospector with a unique NPC form at Cottonwood Crater gave me a unique opportunity. I changed his name as a nod to the weapon itself. The location is a nod to the weapon as well - Jeremiah had to go through Fire Root Cavern to get to Cottonwood Crater, and the weapon certainly has formidable flames of its own.
Greased Lightning: The dark coloration of this Power Fist lends itself well to having an Enclave origin. Since there's a skeleton next to an Enclave Remnants Power Helmet in Silver Peak Mine, why not pair the two together?
Li'l Devil: Its location references the fact that one can sneak it into a casino. It was easy and unintrusive enough to simply edit the unique container that it's in, replacing a weaker, non-unique weapon that I think few will miss (especially since the Silenced .22 Pistol can be obtained elsewhere much earlier in the game).
Medicine Stick: It's a weapon that looks pretty pristine, and decorative to boot. It makes a good fixture atop the fireplace in the Zion Ranger Station. It definitely feels like it belongs in Zion, and there's even .45-70 ammo in that very location.
MF Hyperbreeder Alpha: My first thought was that this thing definitely has the theme of an experimental weapon. There's already an experimental energy weapon at the REPCONN Headquarters in the Mojave, so why not make it just another one of the many projects that arose out of the research at Big MT? After thinking about which research lab would be a fitting home for it, I couldn't settle on anything, so I decided that it must have fallen into the hands of a particularly powerful lobotomite, scavenged from its original location.
Nuka-Breaker: This one just had to be located at either Zapp's Neon Signs or the sign shop on the Strip. Since there's a hostile named NPC at Zapp's Neon Signs to give it to that probably had the impetus to create such a weapon, I felt that no other placement could possibly fit better.
Paciencia: At first I wanted to put this one into Raul's Shack, but I figured he would definitely notice that his "boss" had stolen his gun. In a previous version, I placed it on a dead sniper in Lonesome Road, but some were not satisfied with getting it so late in the game. Finally, I remembered an important piece of lore in Honest Hearts - the Vault 22 dwellers that the Survivalist wiped out had themselves killed a group of survivors from... Mexico! Thus, the player is to assume that one of the now-dead Vault 22 dwellers either stole the flag off the group from Mexico, or perhaps took the rifle off of one of them with the flag already in place. It's assumed that its owner was killed before he or she could even try to grab the rifle.
Sleepytyme: This one had to be placed with a character or organization that has shady dealings. Why not make it the possession of New Vegas' shadiest casino boss?
Sprtel-Wood 9700: Very few characters in the game use gatling lasers. I figured it would make sense that it might be the prized weapon of a Brotherhood paladin, and placing it with a dead one in the game world meant that the player wouldn't have to steal or kill to get it. There's also obviously a good in-game explanation as to why the Brotherhood didn't go out and retrieve it.
The Smitty Special: Very few characters use plasma casters. There's one guy that really seems to like them, though. Maybe he's got one that he's working on as a special project, keeping it hidden away until it's ready. I also wanted to put a wrench and some scrap electronics on the table with it, but the game didn't like that so much.
Two-Step Goodbye: It's another case of "not many factions use this thing," and the thing in this case is the Ballistic Fist. I placed it atop a new workbench in the Weather Monitoring Station, imagining it to be the project of some particularly mechanically inclined Praetorian Guard member.

LOCATIONS (spoiler tags color coded by difficulty)

Embrace of the Mantis King! may be found any time before the conclusion of the story in Zion on a named White Legs enemy inside Glass Chime cave. You need to find it before concluding the Honest Hearts story because the White Legs NPCs will disappear once you do.

Gehenna is found on Jeremiah, a dead prospector at Cottonwood Crater.
Bozar is found on a dead Super Mutant Master surrounded by cazadores on the unmarked path between Red Rock Canyon and Jacobstown (you can find it easily by doing the quest Bleed Me Dry).

MF Hyperbreeder Alpha is found on Test Subject 1 in the Cuckoo's Nest of Big MT (Old World Blues).
can be found on Duke at Zapp's Neon Signs, a location within the Fiend ruins area directly around Vault 3.

Li'l Devil is found inside a locked briefcase (75 Lockpick skill required) on the Cocktail Lounge level of the Lucky 38.
Cleansing Flame is found in one of the storage rooms of the Ultra-Luxe Kitchen.
Esther can be found propped up in the corner inside the Nellis Workshop.
Sleepytyme is on Big Sal's desk inside Gomorrah.
The Sprtel-Wood 9700 may be found next to a dead Brotherhood Paladin at the crater near Black Mountain (the location with many centaurs).
Two-Step Goodbye is on a workbench inside the Weather Monitoring Station (within The Fort).
The Smitty Special can be picked up from a table in the upstairs area of the Silver Rush.

Greased Lightning is located inside the Silver Peak Mine next to a skeleton and the Enclave Remnants Power Helmet.
Medicine Stick is atop the fireplace inside the Zion Ranger Station.
Paciencia is on a wooden beam supported by a cinder block at the Vault 22 dwellers' guard camp (this location is in Zion). Look for the .308 ammo next to the rifle.

Gun Runners' Arsenal, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, and Lonesome Road are required.

None. Please report anything you find in the comments.

All versions will conflict with any mod that edits the special vendor containers added by GRA that inject the new unique weapons into vendor inventories (of course, I had to delete everything in these containers). These containers ONLY have the GRA unique weapons in them, meaning that vendors should be otherwise unaffected.

Users with New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE) who want the "Balanced" experience (see Optional Files below) can avoid direct conflicts on the weapon forms by downloading the "Balanced NVSE" version under Optional Files. This version does not edit any weapon forms directly, and instead relies on scripts.

The Balanced (non-NVSE) version will conflict with mods that make changes to any of the GRA unique weapons; this is because it modifies the value of the weapons to be more in line with the unique weapons included in the base game and other DLCs. If you are unable to use the Balanced (non-NVSE) version due to a mod conflict, and you do not have NVSE, below is a list of all of the new weapon values so that you can enter them into the GECK on your computer if you want.

Bozar: 8600
Cleansing Flame: 3900
Embrace of the Mantis King: 1350
Esther: 10500
Gehenna: 4500
Greased Lightning: 4400
Li'l Devil: 7100
Medicine Stick: 8200
MF Hyperbreeder Alpha: 3700
Nuka-Breaker: 1000
Paciencia: 3400
Sleepytyme: 3650
Sprtel-Wood 9700: 11200
The Smitty Special: 11500
Two-Step Goodbye: 13800

Due to the nature of the mod, a full list of NPC and cell/worldspace conflicts would constitute spoilers. Please see Locations above.

Weapon-related fixes from YUP are fully incorporated into the Balanced (non-NVSE) version of this mod. Please note that if you use the Balanced NVSE version and you don't use YUP, the fixes will not be there because that version does not edit weapon forms directly.

I recommend using the GunRunners Arsenal Integration Mod by Lopham to integrate all of your other GRA content seamlessly into the game, as well as my mod On-Fire Damage Reworked which makes the on-fire effects of the Cleansing Flame and Gehenna even more potent.

The Balanced version reduces the value of GRA unique weapons to be more in line with the unique weapons included in the base game and other DLCs.

If you want the Balanced version (as opposed to the Unbalanced version), and you have New Vegas Script Extender (NVSE), just download the "Balanced NVSE" version.

I have added a plugin under "Miscellaneous" for those who use the Balanced (non-NVSE) version of this mod which combines two of my other mods, AER14 and Sprtel-Wood 9700 Green Critical Disintegration and Sprtel-Wood 9700 Rebalanced. By downloading this plugin and loading it after GRA Unique Weapons Relocated, you will not need to download anything from either of those mods. Again, this is only necessary if you do not use NVSE.

There is an alternate version of this mod available (modified by Nexus user foxisnick) which places all of the weapons in the Mojave, thereby making them accessible should you choose to do a playthrough of the game without entering any of the DLC areas.

Only download ONE of the three main files, depending on your preference. For users of the Balanced (non-NVSE) version, download the Miscellaneous file if you wish (see above). Put the contents of the mod folder (the folder with the .esp inside of it) into your Data folder, or use a mod manager. If you downloaded the Miscellaneous file, its plugin should be loaded after GRA Unique Weapons Relocated. To uninstall, delete the mod's file(s) (the .esp) or uninstall using a mod manager.

I have made a lot of mods. Because I like to create different versions to give the user plenty of options, it's extremely difficult for me to bundle my mods together. I recommend getting the FNV Mod Limit Fix by iranrmrf, or try using a tool like Merge Plugins by Mator.