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Clean first person animations for New Vegas. No new idles, no bugs, no reload cancelling from shooting early or crouching, no compatibility issues.

Now with kNVSE!

Please see the "Animations" section for video demonstrations of the animations. Please visit the "Changelog" tab to keep up with what is added.

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  •    An emphasis on clean, smooth, clipping free animations has been emphasized. This mod is a WIP, so please report any clipping issues.
  • All animations adhere to vanilla timeframes. This means that balance isn't effected and, moreover, that reloads cannot be cancelled by shooting early or crouching.
  •    More stylish than vanilla, but not over-the-top. These aren't tactical animations, but they are clean, smooth, and snappy.
  •    Compatibility with vanilla idles. No messy transitions between reloads and idles, no problems with other weapons, no compatibility patches necessary.
  • Optionally utilizes kNVSE to allow for weapon-specific animations (see "Weapon-Specific Animations" section).
  •   Compatible with WMIM. Compatible with WRP. Compatible with EVE.
  •    An .esp that edits zero (0) records and adds seven (11) records. No sounds are replaced and perfectly compatible with all sound replacers.

To be extra clear on this and to save myself some time: Compatible with WMIM. Compatible with WRP. Compatible with EVE. No patches necessary.

  • Anniversary Anim Pack - Compatible and recommended to use alongside this mod. UPDATE: The new main file is now 100% compatible with Anniversary Anim Pack, and is set to be the default. If you choose not to use this file, overlap will be minimal, and you'll just see a few more of my animations than you would hitman's.
  • Dedicated Weapon Animations (kNVSE) - Technically compatible. As this mod uses kNVSE for all of its animations, there is no overlap in files, and thus no chance of conflicting idles. As such, install order doesn't matter. Do note that Januus' mod does have overlap with the weapons it covers - you will not see all of my animations when using his mod alongside mine. You may also use his older 5.0 file if you want to mix and match animations. See the "Install w/Other Animation Packs" section.
  • Weapons of Our Millenia - Compatible. I don't use this mod, but I'm told it works fine with my mod.
  • Some Reload Animation Replacers - Some assembly required for compatibility. Direct overlap of files, but jmajero's files can be used as variants, as they utilize vanilla idles. See the "Install w/Other Animation Packs" section.
  • Weapon Mods Expanded - WMX - Mostly compatible. My mod does not have any ironsight animations, and won't break compatibility with mods that add weapon mesh or texture re-placers. However, you may notice some clipping with certain weapon mods [from WMX] installed.
  • Asurah Reanimation Pack - Incompatible. Doesn't use vanilla idles, which will lead to transition issues. Styles
    don't match up, which will lead to a conflicting visual style in game.
    Tons of overlap in files. Asurah's mod is a total overhaul; this mod is
    more vanilla+.

  • Weapons of the New Millenia - Incompatible. I don't know why. I don't use this mod. Other users have reported problems with it. Use at your own risk, or just use Weapons of Our Millenia, which I am told is a cleaner version of the same mod and works better.

1hpEquip | All pistol-type weapon equips
1hpUnequip | All pistol-type weapon unequips

·    1hpAttackRight | All non-revolver pistols + That Gun hip-fire attaack
·    1hpReloadA | 10mm Pistol
·    1hpReloadD | Sawed-Off Shotgun
·    1hpReloadE | .44 Relover/any double-action revolver
·    1hpReloadF | Laser Pistol
-Includes jam animation (1hpJamF).
·    1hpReloadH | Plasma Pistol/Plasma Defender
-Includes jam animation (1hpJamH).
·    1hpReloadK | Flare Gun
- Includes jam animation (1hpJamK).
·    1hpReloadL | 9mm Pistol/.45 Auto Pistol/Silenced .22 Pistol
- Includes animation variant (1hpReloadL_rockbiter1).
·1hpReloadP | Hunting Revolver/Ranger Sequoia
·1hpReloadN | Vance's SMG/9mm SMG (Drum Magazine)
·1hpReloadO | 9mm SMG
·    1hpReloadR | .32 Pistol (TTW)/any break-action revolver
- Includes jam animation (1hpJamR). Note that animation was made specifically for .32 Pistol (TTW).
·    2haReloadB | Plasma Rifle/LAER
- Jam animation support on deck.
·    2haReloadC | Sniper Rifle/Automatic Rifle
- Includes jam animation (2haJamC).  
·    2haReloadD | Gauss Rifle
·    2haReloadE | Chinese Assault Rifle (TTW)
- Includes jam animation (2haJamE).
-Includes partial reload support.
2haReloadF | Service Rifle/Assault Carbine/Marksman Rifle
-Includes jam animation (2haReloadF).
·2haReloadG | Silenced .22 SMG
·    2haReloadH | 12.7mm Submachine Gun
- Includes animation variant (2haReloadH_rockbiter1).
·    2haReloadI | Riot Shotgun/Light Machine Gun
- Includes jam animation (2haJamI).
·    2haReloadK | .45 Auto SMG
-Includes jam animation (2haJamK).
·    2haReloadL | .45 Auto SMG (Drum Mag)
-Includes jam animation (2haJamL).
2hhReloadE | Minigun
·    2hhReloadC | Gatling Laser
·    2hlReloadE | Missile Launcher

·   2hrReloadA | Hunting Rifle
2hrReloadB | Laser Rifle
-Includes jam animation (2hJamB).
·    2hrReloadD | Combat Shotgun (TTW)
- Includes jam animation (2hrJamD).
·    2hrReloadG | Double-Barreled Shotgun (TTW)
- Includes attack animation (2hrAttack6). No iron sights, no compatibility issues.
2hrReloadI | Caravan Shotgun
2hrReloadJ | Single Shotgun/Grenade Launcher
·    2hrReloadO | Anti-Material Rifle
2hrReloadP | Battle Rifle (GRA)/This Machine

Please note that, due to the way kNVSE works, I have listed the folder name as opposed to the file name; this folder contains the relevant animations for that weapon. All listed weapons only feature reload animations, as is my wont.

·    8ED0A | Riot Shotgun
8F213 | 12.7mm Pistol
906DF | Light Machine Gun
E377A | Silenced .22 Pistol
E393B | Single Shotgun
0081B | 25mm Grenade APW
00805 | Li'l Devil
00806 | Bozar
·    0A7A9 | Automatic Rifle
09DBE | A Light Shining in the Darkness
- Includes animation variant (1hpReloadL_rockbiter1).


·Single Shotgun Reload:
This version of 2hrReloadJ is now included in the main download and will only play on the Single Shotgun, as it was made just for that weapon. However, I am leaving up this optional file in case people (for some reason) don't want to use kNVSE, and would like to replace the more Grenade Rifle friendly animation with this one.

·2hrReloadB (OPTIONAL): This is the exact same reload as the animation for the Laser Rifle included in version 1.4+, but the cell will not spin around in the gun after pulling the lever back. This helps avoid a bug with the High-Capacity Terminal Mod where the two cells are connected (this is vanilla behavior), which results in them clipping through the gun when the cell spins after the lever pull. Alternatively, if you simply dislike the spinning cell animation, download this file. It is located in the "Optional Files" section of the Files tab. As this is based off an older iteration of the file, it currently does not feature the revised lever pull or camera.

·FNV Clean Animations - Legacy Animations:
This download contains animations that were initially released as part of the main file, but have since been removed or replaced. They are as follows:
·2haReloadF (Would still recommend using this one as a variant/unique animation via kNVSE)
·2hrReloadB (old laser rifle)
·2haReloadC (old Sniper Rifle)
·2haReloadL (old .45 Auto SMG reload)
·2haReloadK (old .45 Auto SMG reload)

Please note that 2hrReloadJ is actually an updated version of the old 2hrReloadJ. If you don't like the new reload for 2hrReloadJ - which admittely does not mesh well with anything besides grenade rifle type weapons - then I would recommend using this file. All of these animations can be used to replace new versions, set up to be used as variants, or set up to be used as unique reloads with kNVSE.

·FNV Clean Animations - Ultra Legacy Pre 1.8 10mm Pistol Reload: This download contains an even older version of the 10mm Pistol (1hpReloadA) alongside a variant for it (1hpReloadA_rockbiter2). This was before 1.8, which saw a revision of the pistol that has since been superseded. This is really not recommended, but I'm leaving it up for posterity's sake. Someone might be partial to it.

·Bolt-Pull Garand + Standard Reload for This Machine: This download contains a variant of the 2hrReloadP reload that has your character pull back on the bolt, not push forward on it. Pulling back is not how the gun actually works; however, as YouTube user Bradly Micheal pointed out, it is reasonable that the Gun Runners could have manufactured the gun in this way. This download also comes packaged with a kNVSE file (F062B) that keeps makes it so This Machine keeps the standard reload from the default package, as it is older. If you just want this as a replacer for This Machine/the Battle Rifle, simply do not copy over the "AnimGroupOverride" folder.

·Alternate 10mm Pistol Reload: An alternate reload for the 10mm Pistol (1hpReloadA) that is based off the 1.8/Legacy version. Moved to "Old Files" now. Can replace the other version or be used as a variant (see the corresponding section for details on how to do this). Provided as an optional file because I can understand some people not caring for it. This animation also plays at 60FPS. If enough people download this file, I'll integrate it into the main download.

·Alternate 12.7mm SMG Reload:
Honestly, I consider this animation superior, and recommend using it and deleting the variant file included in the main download, but it's not technically "clean" - it's still too close to the camera, as some of the motion bugs out for 2 or 3 of the nearly 300 frames here (you can't notice unless you're in ultra slow motion. For these reasons, the file is optional, even if it is recommended.

·Alternate .45 SMG Drum Mag Reload: An alternate reload for the .45 Auto SMG's Drum Mag mod (2haReloadK). Although it shares many of the same motions as the 2haReloadK included in the main file, this version might not be to everyone's taste. Can be used as a replacer or set up to work as an animation variant.

·FO3 Weapons Patch: This patch is not needed for TTW - the primary download already fully supports that mod. If you use any other mod that restores and/or adds weapons from Fallout 3 - namely the Combat Shotgun and Double-Barreled Shotgun - you will want this patch to ensure that sounds properly play. Given the variety of mods out there that add these weapons in, I opted for the simple solution of simply pointing the sound entries towards vanilla files. Unfortunately, this means that the added weapons will not be using their unique sounds that they may have come packaged with; however, with a little NifSkope knowledge, you can easily paste the text entries your mod uses yourself. However, as I will not be using any of these mods myself, and do not want to download them, I am simply providing a catch-all solution.

1) Simply drag the Meshes, Sound, and .esp into your data directory or use your favorite mod manager. Check the .esp in your mod manager/launcher and you're good to go.
2) Optionally, if you want unique animations for specific weapons (recommended), then download and install kNVSE. This can be installed at any time. Note that this mod requires xNVSE, not NVSE (xNVSE is the updated version of NVSE).
3) That's it. You're done.
- Notice:
Note that if you do not install kNVSE, 90% of the mod will work fine; you will just miss out on animations that fit specific weapons better. Your game will not crash, though. Also,
I highly recommend merging the .esp from my mod if you have a lengthy Load Order. My .esp only adds a handful of sounds not present in the vanilla game (so they are also not covered by animation mods), and iscertainly safe to merge. You may also want to use FNV Mod Limit Fix, if you're not already. This does nothing for my mod, but using it means you won't have to worry about plugin limit headaches.


- Please note that the below steps are not required - the mod can be installed as is without any other mods. The below steps are simply a guide to ensure you're getting what you want out of your mods if you're stacking multiple mods on top of each other.

1) Install Viva New Vegas and/or install any one or combination of WMIM, WRP, or EVE.
2) Install Anniversary Anim Pack and relevant compatiblity patches.
3) Install 1st Person Animation Replacers and/or Some Reload Animation Replacers. Use the animation file list on each mod page to select the animations you'd like. Overwrite files when asked.
4) Install this mod. Use the "Animations" section to select the animations you'd like to have in your game. Overwrite when asked.
5) I highly recommend merging the .esp from my mod if you have a lengthy Load Order. My .esp only adds a handful of sounds not present in the vanilla game (so
they are also not covered by animation mods), and is certainly safe to

If you wish, you can use these animations in tandem with the other supported sets (Anniversary Anim Pack, 1st Person Animation Replacers, and/or Some Reload Animation Replacers). These steps will require you to have lStewieAI's Tweaks installed.

1) Set bUseAnimVariants to 1 in nvse_stewie_tweaks.ini.
2) Select the file you would like to use as an animation variant and add _A, _B, or _C to the file name. For example, if you would like my 1hpReloadK to play as an animation variant alongside someone else's, you should name it "1hpReloadK_A.kf."
3) Then, find the 3rd person animations with the same name in /_male/ of Aniversary Anim, WMIM, or any other mod that provides 3rd person animations. If no 3rd person animations are provided, you may make a copy by extracting the relevant file from Fallout - Meshes.bsa with a program like FOMM.
4) Repeat step 2, but for the third person animation. In other words: create a copy of the 3rd person animation, and rename it with _A, _B, or _C. To follow our previous example, your third person animation should look like this: "1hpReloadK_A.kf."
5) Click on nognow's name and give them kudos for writing these instructions.

A very helpful tool is Bulk Rename Utility - Free File Renaming Software. It allows adding/removing suffixes in bulk. Saves an absurd amount of tedium. The only 3rd person animation that's completely MIA from all FNV related mods/BSA files (Including Asurah, WAR, 1st Person Overhaul) is 1hpJamR.kf, so you shouldn't rename it. If you do, you'll essentially bypass it!

The assets in this mod are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. For more information, please visit https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/.

I furthermore reserve the right to request the immediate takedown of my assets in any mod/project that endorses or is authored by someone who endorses the following: bigotry of any form, hate speech, sexual abuse to humans or animals, animal cruelty, etc.

I am also perfectly aware of the differences between something using hateful language/physically violent for story-telling purposes and something endorsing it. Please don't make a thing of this, or I'll just lock up permissions, which I'd rather not have to do.

Obsidian: for making the game.
Bethesda: for creating such a malleable - if wonky - game engine for us all to muck around in.
hitman47101: for supplying the vanilla rigs and answering questions.
Januusz: for the inspiration, answering questions, and troubleshooting.
DecerBW (Asurah): for answering questions and troubleshooting.
jmajero: for answering questions and troubleshooting.
Jacksonelhage: for answering questions and troubleshooting.
ShinyHax: for their tutorial.
blender: the primary tool I use to make these animations.
NifSkope: the secondary tool I use to make these animations.