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Re-animated animations for a few guns.

Permissions and credits
I made animations for the following guns:

1hpreloadl - 9mm pistol v2
1hpreloade - 44 magnum
1hpreloadd- Sawed-off shotgun
1hpreloadk- 22 revolver/Flare Gun
2hrreloadg- FO3 Double Barrel Shotgun

1hpattackleft- Attack for 44 magnum or any heavy pistol/revolver (so your guns can kick like a mule)


Drag & Drop the Data folder in the New Vegas directory it should be Data\Meshes\Characters\_1stPerson
Mod Manager:
Install mod using your mod organizer of choice.

Any animation mod that replaces the reload or the idle.
Hitman47101's 1st person overhaul Pack
Asurah's Pack and etc.

Author's note:
I'll be working on some reloads i don't like in the game like most of the shottys and the hunting rifle (hate this the most). I'll focus only the small guns for now since i dont use laser or plasma guns too much but ill get to that. 
If you see any more bugs, point it out. I'll try and fix it as much as i can. Enjoy.

Big thanks to:
Hitman47101 for the vanilla rigs
Asurah/DecerBW for the og inspiration
jacksonelhage for the help, testing and providing for the videos :)
Januusz for the inspiration and technical magic
Rockbitter for inspiration and jazzy support