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Johnson Nash states that he'll have more ammo flowing in if the NCR takes over Primm, but he actually doesn't. This fixes that.

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If you've ever completed My Kind of Town by having the NCR claim jurisdiction over Primm, the next time (and all subsequent times) that you talk to Johnson Nash, he'll state that he'll have more ammunition available for sale as a result of the military takeover, but since he has to pay NCR taxes, you do too. The game activates a 25% surcharge on all of your future purchases with Johnson Nash, but it doesn't actually give him any more ammo to sell. This fixes that.

Detailed Changes:
Yukichigai has proven that using scripts to inject items into vendor containers does not work, as the vanilla game does with Knight Torres and her energy weapon stockpile in the Brotherhood quests. This mod adds a new levelled item to Johnson Nash's inventory, which contains duplicates of the ammo lists he stocks in vanilla, so he'll have roughly 40% more ammo on average for sale. It then sets the percentage of this new levelled list to spawn to 0%, and creates a global that is updated by the NCR ending of My Kind of Town that enables this levelled list.

Drag and drop the .esp into your data folder, then activate in NVMM, the
Nexus Mod Manager, the Vegas launcher, whatever.

PickleJar/Nitty = Me, the one who threw this together.