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Want Raul to remain a mechanic without you being a dick about it? Then pick up this mod!

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This is a very, very, very small mod I made for myself because I was annoyed that the only "nice" option was to have him be a Vaquero.
All it does it reword the speech check with Raul (to make him become a full maintenance mechanic instead of going back to his Vaquero ways) to make it less assertive and more gentle, kind and in-his-best-interests.
Look at the pics and you'll see what I mean.

Not so frequently asked questions:
Who's Raul?
A potential companion you can find at Black Mountain (you have to free him from his cell and after that he can be a companion and do repairs for you at his shack.)

I've had Raul as a follower but this dialogue never shows up?
To have it show up, you need to exhaust all dialogue with Ranger Andy in Novac, Corporal Sterling in Camp Mcarran/Forlorn Hope and Loyal in Nellis AFB, all while Raul is with you as a companion. After each person is spoken to, Raul will tell a piece of his story and after all three have been spoken to, he will give you a choice to let him go back to his old Vaquero ways or to remain a mechanic (though you have to pass a speech check for the latter).

What if I accidentally on purpose killed any of those people?
Well, too bad.

Why do I need this mod?
You don't. This is for the 1/1000 people that actually care about this sort of stuff.

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