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This mod attempts to iron out one of the clunkier moments in the game.

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Eddie Hears An Explosion

This mod attempts to iron out one of the clunkier moments in the game.

In each of the many playthroughs I have done of New Vegas, I have always had to roll my eyes at certain moments in the game.  They're part of the game for various reasons, probably mostly a lack of development time.  If I were to pick one that stands above the rest, it would be the conclusion of I Fought The Law.  What transpires represents probably the game's lowest ebb in writing, delivery and scripting.  I won't completely spoil things here, but suffice it to say that the chain of events is laughably spontaneous and flows badly.  You can see what I mean in the provided video.

I've had plans to improve this specific moment for literally years.  I finally got tired of putting it off, and this is the result.  Unfortunately, I cannot recommend actually watching the video because it will spoil (or force one to recollect) both the ending of a major quest and the hypothetical improvement I've made to it.  I'll leave it up to everyone's individual discretion.

New in v1.2:
It nagged me that I hadn't quite done everything I wanted to do with this moment.  So I went ahead and finished it.  Added effects and improved the response from the folks in the room.  Once again, it's entirely up to you whether or not to spoil it with the video.  Be sure to place this mod near the top of the load order, as it has some cell edits.


The name of this mod is a reference to the dialog guidelines provided to Eddie's voice actor, in which they stipulate:
"{explosion heard}"

  • Requires NVSE.

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