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You thought your dealings with the people of New Reno were over. Little did you know, they were just beginning. A infamous mercenary has stolen valuable documents from the New Reno Crime Families in order to save his own skin. In doing so, he has started a worldwide manhunt for himself. Track him down for your bosses before it's too late.

Permissions and credits

Necessary Mods
All DLC's - Excluding Preorder Packs
Tales of New Reno Redux Choice Recorder

Tales of New Reno Redux: Episode Zero (Play First)
Tales of New Reno Redux: Episode One 
ST Robot Race - SmileyTops

-IF there are any issues, which knowing my mods, they're bound to appear, please start an official bug report rather than a comment. That way, these things can be  handled and fixed much more quickly.

-Not all voice acting has been added yet in this stage of the mod.
-There will be a minor delay for any future updates or replies while I attempt to deal with my personal medical issues. I'm sure you all understand.

The Story
You thought you've finished in your dealings with the New Reno Crime Families. It's been quite a while since you've heard but a peep from the bosses, until one fateful day you get a  urgent message on your pip-boy about having to meet someone at the Tops. You've been hired by the Crime Families to track down a Ill-Fated Mercenary who made the major mistake of stealing some important documents from the Granin Family. He was last sighted heading through Zion, and is believed to be in a remote area of the deserts of Utah known as the Canyonlands. Your task, bring back the mercenary alive and with the documents he stole. However, be warned, you won't be the only person after this mercenary. They'll do anything to get the reward for this bounty. 
What's New?
This mod adds 3 New Worldspaces, over 200 voiced NPC's, Diverging Quest lines, 50 Side quests, Major Faction Quests that also have diverging quest lines, New Weapons, 4 New Companions, and even some interesting Wild Wasteland Encounters.
How do I start the Mod?
Very Simple. First, complete Episode One of the Series. After a few minutes or so of playtime, you'll get a message to meet someone at the Tops Aces Theater on the New Vegas Strip. If for some reason, your game doesn't start the quest, type coc BTSDebug, and activate the switch in the cell. Your game should function then. Please make sure you have the TNRChoices.esm activated, otherwise this won't happen.
 This has been adjusted to change the mod depending on what you played. If you played Episode One and not Episode Zero, characters from Episode Zero will not appear in this mod. This mod will recognize if you sided with either Mr. Cianci and Mr. Granin in the end. You'll get the same main quest either way with small factors changed. We did this mainly to test if we could do carry over choices, and because we didn't want to do massive diverging paths among the massive diverging paths evident in the mod itself. Depending on your choices in Episode Zero and One, some characters may like you, some may not. Others may not even appear in the game period if they met their ultimate demise. In some cases, you may even miss out on certain sidequests if those characters were never met or never survived. Characters should also have different opinions dependant on your actions. Choose Wisely.
      Things we want to Add.
-First things first, we do want to clean the mod a bit of any serious issues. This version is more of a playable beta, so be aware of any issues, and report them if necessary.
-Finish all the Voice Acting:  https://www.castingcall.club/projects/tales-of-new-reno-episode-two-black-napkins-fallout-new-vegas-mod
-Custom Lore Friendly Armor for the 80's Raiders
-New Worldspace Map
-May change the music for the Radio Stations. 
-Does not work with Freeside Open
-No Honest Hearts Reborn either
(Mod requires you to travel through an unaltered Zion)
(Not Required but suggested you complete Honest Hearts before playing)

Voice Actors
  1. Morgan: Girlypants
  2. Scribe Lin: Girlypants
  3. Head Scribe Trewlaney: Girlypants
  4. Black Dog Guard:Girlypants  
  5. Samantha Reed: Girlypants
  6. Regina the Receptionist: Girlypants
  7. Sari: Girlypants
  8. Sarah Kath: Girlypants
  9. Lizzy: Girlypants
  10. Pitstop Resident: Girlypants
  11. Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel: Kathleen Russell
  12. Chelsie:  Kathleen Russell
  13. Vault 68 Residents: Kathleen Russell
  14. Mary:  Kathleen Russell
  15. Christina Reed:  Kathleen Russell
  16. Black Dog Guard:Kathleen Russell
  17. Diane: Kathleen Russell
  18. Scribe Williams: Kathleen Russell
  19. Shrap: Razi the Red-AWEstep
  20. Foreman Toggle: Razi the Red-AWEstep
  21. Knight Apollo: Razi the Red-AWEstep
  22. Paladin Lucifer: Razi the Red-AWEstep
  23. EROS: Razi the Red-AWEstep
  24. Jacobus: Razi the Red-AWEstep
  25. Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel: Zack Otto
  26. Paladin Keetz: Zack Otto
  27. Sherbert: Zack Otto
  28. Mike: Zack Otto
  29. Knight White: Zack Otto
  30. Hale: Zack Otto
  31. Initiate Warren: Alex Orr
  32. Harlen: Alex Orr
  33. Karus:  Alex Orr
  34. Pimp:  Alex Orr
  35. Judd:  Alex Orr
  36. War Dog Soldier: RMP321
  37. Doolin: RMP321
  38. Kaden: RMP321
  39. Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel: RMP321
  40. Landon Hughes: RMP321
  41. Captian Ramos: RMP321
  42. Pheonix: Dongobot
  43. Initiate Pendleton: Dongobot
  44. Dongobot: Dongobot
  45. Darzian: Dongobot
  46. Jonathan Reed: BabyAteMyDingo
  47. Maddox: BabyAteMyDingo
  48. Random Brotherhood Soldier: BabyAteMyDingo
  49. James(Holotape): BabyAteMyDingo
  50. Saidow: Ollyoxen
  51. Oliver Oxen: Ollyoxen
  52. Tim: Ollyoxen
  53. David: Ollyoxen
  54. Galahad: AmericanWeirdo
  55. DJ: AmericanWeirdo
  56. Stanley: AmericanWeirdo
  57. Vault 68 Resident: SpaceCoastDragon
  58. Jean Braun: SpaceCoastDragon
  59. Black Dog Guard:SpaceCoastDragon
  60. Cole: mickannese
  61. August: mickannese
  62. Markie Knopfler: Cellblock Psycho
  63. Manny Decampa: JimmyRyder
  64. Eustace: JimmyRyder
  65. Argus: JimmyRyder
  66. Mark Sheppard: Jonathon_vo
  67. Dr. Roberts: Jonathon_vo
  68. Mickey: Jonathon_vo
  69. Declan: Brandon Fincher
  70. Grendle: Brandon Fincher
  71. Worm: Brandon Fincher
  72. Marx: Jonathan Franklin
  73. Sheriff Rotface: Jonathan Franklin
  74. Patrick: Jonathan Franklin
  75. Abner: Malkavian Grin
  76. James Morrow:Malkavian Grin
  77. Clem: Malkavian Grin
  78. Edward Reed: mickannese
  79. Tony Sirco: ChasMandala
  80. Leonard: mickannese
  81. Awan: DanteFettman
  82. Sgt. Wiggs: DanteFettman
  83. Nuntius: DanteFettman
  84. Cato Nemodia: Ay-w
  85. Alvarez: Ay-w
  86. Old North: Ay-w
  87. Eladio: John D
  88. Paladin Williams: John D
  89. Douglas Tramour: FrenchDipp
  90. Roland: FrenchDipp
  91. Tovar: Preston Hardin
  92. Emmet: Preston Hardin
  93. Yau Mercenary:  person0129
  94. Jesse:  person0129
  95. Black Dog: AlexZaehou
  96. Davin: Joshua Medlock
  97. Giovanni: Joshua Medlock
  98. Carrie: Ztef
  99. Meadow: Ztef
  100. Dana: Paddy2077
  101. Eagles: Wyatt Henry
  102. Halden: Wyatt Henry
  103. Amadeus: Forrest Lee
  104. Knight Apostle: Forrest Lee
  105. Vault 68 Resident: Cellblock Psycho 
  106. Dr. Dutchman: Cellblock Psycho
  107. Whispers: Cellblock Psycho
  108. General Erickson: Ash Vaykel
  109. Mullins: Ash Vaykel
  110. Brian Cox: Ash Vaykel
  111. Vault 68 Resident: ReeveCedric
  112. War Dog Soldier: ReeveCedric
  113. Riley Tramour: Maisie P
  114. Red: Amelia Rika
  115. Nish Fudds: Max Million
  116. Vulcan: SwoloJolo
  117. Krissy: Sorceress737
  118. Buddy: Pinchy17
  119. Luke: Ash Lawrence
  120. Kathy: Maisie P
  121. Olivia: Lapis26619C
  122. Mildred: joannaeve
  123. Preston: Jholms
  124. RAmbler Radio Host: Coolfiend
  125. Dr. Barnes: JamesXavier
  126. ALyssa: Dia
  127. Paladin Lucifer: Rianna McIntosh
  128. John Dixon: Bhikshu
  129. Knight Drew: Mrflufaluffakins
  130. Anna: ameangelofsin
  131. Ghoul Residents: theov3rseer
  132. New Eden Citizen: Chumborino
  133. Cassidy McCormick: streah
  134. Bald Headed John: OldManMammoth
  135. Vault 68 Resident: GoldenglovVO
  136. Owens: PimpMasterBroda
  137. Balthazaar: ThatKidWhoDoesStuff
  138. Chris Ortega: MichealMeh
  139. Carl: Derek Aronow
  140. Ron: Mark Bessette
  141. Dawn: Kasia
  142. Scribe Yue: SkoomAddict
  143. Robert Sanger: CDO947214
  144. Trepadon: Thog
  145. Jimmy James: firerat
  146. Dominus: IHSFilms
  147. The Slave Hunter: skullface
  148. Edward Reed: Dictator Priceless
  149. Father Edik Gregory: Father Hill
  150. Antonia: Cari Scholtens
  151. Rocko: Lee Richardson
  152. Dirge: Kinsmarck
  153. The Real Kane: Jackmack
  154. Vedit: DomhnallofZena
  155. Joan: freyapapaya
  156. Cato Viribus: Mr.NKB
  157. Cato Apsectus: bohisokay
  158. Boris: cccPW121599
  159. Dr.Ventus: Charkiboi
  160. Diego: Mr.NKB
  161. Garret:AlexOrr
  162. Garther:Charkiboi
  163. Lars: Ryan "C_Squint" Do
  164. Pete: Mr.NKB
  165. Paladin Morgan: Charkiboi
  166. Steven Dunruff:Charkiboi
  167. Erman: SethEdwardChar
  168. Mushroom: Chad Noss - Art Dad Chad
  169. Nate: Repzion
  170. Erman: SethEdwardChar
  171. John Lamb:SethEdwardChar
  172. Quiet Step: Cellblock Psycho
  173. Junction: Burn The Night
  174. Pastor Darren Cross: Charkiboi
  175. Zed: SethEdwardChar
  176. Winston: Wilbo
  177. Ark: Lawrence Trotti, Razi the Red-AWEstep, Dhippi, FrenchDipp, Pinchy17, Spencer Coles, 7oh7
  178. Malik: NoirMadKing
  179. Marcus: Charkiboi
  180. Jim: Burn The Night
  181. Zach: freyapapaya
  182. Allison: freyapapaya

Team Members
Cellblock Psycho - Team Lead
Stupid Answer  - Map Design/Quest Design
GHillie - Map Design
Nazothedark/Richard Roberts III - Quest Design
American Weirdo - Quest Design
Random411 - Map Design
Blacksoul501 - Map Design
Zetrax - Map Design

Content from Other Mod Authors
JoOs MODERN Armory - JackoO
ST Robot Race - SmileyTops
Moraelins Machete Replacer - Moraelin
Courier Six Clothes - DestructionAres
Wasteland Opportunist Armor - Zeus_II
Midwestern Power armor - 
Hereticus DaiShi AnOneTwo

Please let Me Know if I FORGOT someone.

Special Thanks
Tgspy - For Some Great Advice and a few bug fixes to the Mod
Nazo the Dark - For work above and beyond added to this project despite working on many more important projects.
The Fallout Modding Community
Outlander - For Helping port some meshes
MickeyVPN - For greating some custom meshes for the game
Master of unlocking - For providing us with a new creature design
All of our Voice Actors!
YouTubers - For being a part of this project, and offering great support!
 Version 0.1 Beta