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This mod fixes the problems of the Legion armors. 100% approved by the mighty Caesar.

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  • Russian
Hello profligates and welcome to this mod. It does the following:

1) Fix the armors for the Caesar legion faction. See the images for more details.

2) Fix the helmets. Now you will not be able to wear glasses and helmets and other things on top the legion helmets. Conversely, you can wear eyeglasses and masks on the helmets that allow this, such as Explorer's and Centurion's helmets. Also, I fix the recruit decanus and the prime decanus helmets. They were exchanged with each other. Now the recruit is the one with black feathers and prime the one with the black and red feathers.

3) Match the male and female armors. Both are the same now.

4) It brings symmetry to the arms.

What I did not fix:
1) plates in the vexillarius armor, male. 
2) Clip in the centurion armor, when you use the pipboy
3) Clip in the leg of CaesarĀ“s Armor, male

Do you know of any other problems I did not cover? Tell me in the comments, or better upload a photo indicating.


- This mod is an armor replacer, so it's incompatible with any mod that does the same with these armor. Mods that only changes the textures, are 100% compatible.

- 99% sure that this mod is incompatible with one of those hot body mods out there. I do not know, I do not use them.

- This mod uses custom gloves. All my mods that have this, present problems. I THINK this time I did it right, but I'm not sure.