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Hi-res remasters of the mutant textures. Includes armor, body, and weapons. Lore friendly. 2k version available. Works with FO3.

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4k retextures of the mutant assets, lore friendly. Compatible with Fallout 3.

This mod is an attempt to faithfully remaster the original blurry textures to a more modern level of detail and realism. Mutants should now appear more lifelike, and less like they're made out of plastic, with their armor and weapons crisp and detailed...all while remaining true to the vanilla design.

Mutants now have fingernails. And their eyes now have a normal and specular map; light sources reveal a glint on their irises. Look closely and you'll see specks of sweat and oil glinting on their skin. And with custom normals from a Blender sculpt, their lips now have wrinkles and creases, among other regions.

Some details are not possible at 1k. Occasionally even at 2k a few details disappear, because some of the mutant textures use very densely packed UVs.

This mod includes the following (with matching resolution normal maps):
  • Super Mutant body (4k, originally 1k)
  • Super Mutant armor (4k, originally 1k)
  • Neil body (4k, originally 1k)
  • Nightkin body (4k, originally 1k)
  • Nightkin armor (4k, originally 1k)
  • Super Mutant headgear (2k, originally 512)
  • Rebar Club, 1st Person (2k, originally 1k)
  • Rebar Club, NPC (2k, originally 256)
  • Marcus head (4k, originally 1k)
  • Marcus shoulder armor (2k, originally 512)
  • Bumper Sword (4k, originally 1k)

These are just a set of .dds textures. Override using your preferred installation method.

Future update (v1.2):
  • Add: Nightkin Leader armor
  • Improve: details of Nightkin armor
  • Improve: details of Mutant headgear

  • ENB used in the screenshots is RUST ENB

My Other Mods:
  • Nuka Fridge HD - The only HD retexture of the Nuka Cola Fridge available for New Vegas.
  • Pause Menu HD - High resolution retexture of the blurry vanilla pause menu background.