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Adds a shortened Lever Action Rifle to the game world. Balanced, Lore Friendly, Featuring Complete *Modified and Unmodified* Compatibility with Armed to the Teeth - New Vegas.

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>inb4 Millenia did it first


Not much of a description to go here to be honest, simple is as simple does, download and install just like any other mod.

This mod is fully compatible with Armed to the Teeth (linked below), even when modified the correct weapon model will show up on your character when the weapon is unequipped, thanks to a bit of scripting magic and too much time invested on my part. 
If you don't have ATTT installed (i haet u if u dont), this mod will still work perfectly normally.

The weapon uses .44 magnum rounds, it has a damage of 43, fitting in somewhere between the .44 magnum and the trail carbine which both use the same ammo. It is faster firing than the trail carbine and is 1.5lbs lighter, costs less to use in VATS, it also has slightly higher spread than the trail carbine, but with a slightly higher critical hit rate, making it a balanced early game weapon. 
The weapon has been added to all the relevant form lists, as should be shown in a message when you first open the game after installing. This weapon has also been added to the improved holdout weapons list, so you will be able to sneak it into casinos once you improve your sticking-weapons-up-bum technique. The weapon is also affected by the Cowboy Perk.

The weapon can be found in a locked case behind the Reception Desk in the Novac Motel.
If that's too much of a trek for some of you the item code for the weapon is: XX000ADE

The weapon can be modified with vanilla weapon mods. You can modify it with the following mods:

Trail Carbine Scope: Adds a Scope
Sniper Rifle Suppressor: Suppresses the Weapon
Cowboy Repeater Maple Stock: Changes the stock to the Synthetic Stock shown in the images section (Yes I know it's supposed to be 'Maple' but black looks a lot cooler) - Reduces the weapon's weight by 1.5lbs.


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